Jan 5, 2012

Therion: Classical Music and Opera in Gothic Metal


therion-the-miskolc-experience-albumTherion! It is a gothic metal band from Sweden. Maybe some of readers will close the page, after hearing heavy metal. If you think in this way, reconsider your decision. Otherwise, you will lose one of the best classical music with rock album. Several days ago I sent a post about Danney Alkana who performs classical music by electric guitar. If you want to know him, you could click here to read. His virtuosity will impress you. Anyway, it was fashionable that record an album with classical music orchestra. We listened to classical music in different form, styles and albums. In this article, I will give short information about Therion, and I will introduce one of the best classical music with rock and heavy metal album the Miskolc Experience. I believe that you will enjoy with Therion and their melodic songs.


All the permissions were taken from Therion’s recording company Nuclear Blast Europe to issue this video.

is a Sweden based gothic metal band. It is well known and high reputed band in gothic music world. Classical music elements, well arranged chorus, and rock music elements with gothic line make their music impressive. There are many gothic and melodic metal bands, but Therion is one of the best. Therion have a song named in the Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah. I know more than fifty people that they buy Therion albums, after they listen to this song. You also could find this song in the album introduced below. I could suggest Therion’s Vovin album for beginning. Deggial, Sirius B and Lemuria is the other suggested albums. If you like hard electric guitar melodies and perfect choir music, I could suggest the Secret of the Runes album. It is a concept album about Scandinavian Mythology. Their live performance is very funny and nice. I have been to their concerts three times in Istanbul. It is really appreciate able performance.

The Miskolc Experience! The album fuses classical music, opera and heavy metal. Could you imagine that a rock group involved in an opera festival? Miskolc is a city in Hungary. In every summer International Opera Festival of Miskolc is held. Maybe, Therion is the first band invited to an international classical music organization. Therion played with classical music orchestra, Miskolc Bartok Choir and Choir of Miskolc National Theatre, and these records were arranged as an album. The album consists of double CD’s. The first CD contains songs from some of the most famous composers like Mozart, Verdi, Dvorak, and Wagner. The second CD consists of Therion’s own songs with the orchestra and choir. Let’s see the songs in the album.


CD 1

  • Clavicula Nox: It’s Therion’s own song and a good start.
  • Dvorak: Excerpt from Symphony no. 9: Harmony between orchestra and group is perfect.
  • Verdi: Vedi! Le Fosche Notturne Spotigle from Il Trovatore: It’s a masterpiece. Maybe it is the best arrangement in this album. You should listen to choir. It is extremely suggested.
  • Mozart: "Dies Irae" from Reqiuem: It was my dream. A rock band plays Requiem perfectly. I hope Therion plays all parts of Requiem. I believe that it will be excellent with the band’s musicality.
  • Saint-Saens: Excerpt from Symphony no. 3
  • Wagner: "Notung! Notung! Niedliches Schwert!" from the Ring: It is an opera with rock. Tenors’ performances are very good.
  • Wagner: Excerpt from the Overture from Rienzi: Harmony between the band and the orchestra is perfect.
  • Wagner: Second Part of "Der Tag Ist Da" from Rienzi: Heavy metal opera! Tenors and sopranos’ performances should be appreciated.
  • Wagner: First Part of "Herbei! Herbei!" from Rienzi: A perfect opera again.

CD 2

This CD contains Therion Songs with classical music orchestra and choir. It is as perfect as the first CD.

  • Blood of Kingu
  • Sirius B
  • Lemuria
  • Eternal Return
  • Draconian Trilogy: Extremely suggested.
  • Schwarzalbenheim: Extremely suggested.
  • Via Nocturna
  • The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah: After you will listen to the song, you will be a Therion fan.
  • Grand Finale


Therion gave us a nice album to appreciate it. Harmony between rock and classical music elements, choir performance, and opera in heavy metal are really perfect to listen. It’s a masterpiece; it’s one of the best in this concept. Don’t lose the album. Please find official website of Therion. You could find more information about their albums, listen to previews, and buy their albums. Please, also check their MySpace profile to listen to some preview songs. Enjoy it!



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