Jan 21, 2012

Mode Plagal: Greek Ethno Jazz Meets Turkish Music


If you like Ethno Jazz and music combines new and old, you would like Mode Plagal. It is a group from our neighbor Greece. They perform traditional Greek music fused with Jazz, Funk and the other genres. I like Ethno Jazz genre that it make us meet different cultures music and instruments with modern elements. It must be separated from Ethnic Music definitely. Ethnic Music only targets fans or people who enjoy hearing ethnic melodies. Many people could think that it is a boring music, although it is not. Ethno Jazz’s target is a bit larger by using traditional elements with modern items. It is also good way to make people like jazz. I like Greek traditional music that to hear it in the jazz forms made me feel very good.

Athens based group Mode Plagal was founded in 1990. Their first two albums are instrumental albums that you could hear traditional music in jazz and funk forms. They added vocal to their music in the third album. They have another album that I would like to talk about it. They made an album with Turkish musicians. It is the perfect fusion of Turkish and Greek music with modern elements. Mode Plagal had collaborations with many artist and performers and they joined countless festivals and organizations. I also suggest you to see their live performance.

The band has five studio albums.

  • Mode Plagal (1995)
  • Mode Plagal II (1998)
  • Mode Plagal III (2001)
  • Beyond the Bosphorus (2003)
  • In The Belly Of The Beast (2010)

Although their all albums are suggested highly, I would like to talk about their album Beyond the Bosphorus. The album recorded with Turkish ethno jazz band Bosphorus Project in Athens and Istanbul. I wrote an article about Turkish ethno jazz project Hijazz. Click here to read it. You meet with Turkish Classical Music in Jazz forms. Bosphorus Project is a jazz band blends Turkish traditional music with modern jazz. The band also includes some musicians from Hijazz Project. Mode Plagal members met with them and decided to make an album together. Finally, they made a perfect ethno jazz album.

You could find Turkish and Greek traditional melodies with modern jazz elements. Mode Plagal and Bosphorus Project made a masterpiece album that all world music fans should buy it. Although some of the songs are traditional songs, you could also hear some modern songs. I could say some of their songs are highly psychedelic. Beyond the Bosphorus is highly appreciated album that it attracts your feelings. You could hear well-arranged songs with a perfect female vocal. Ey Zahit, For Sappho, Itinerary, Shuttle Boats, Tatavla and The Tumult of Torrents are appreciated songs in the album.

Mode Plagal is an exciting ethno jazz band from Greece. Their music connects old and new, east and west, traditional and modern. Visit their website to listen some of their song and watch their live performance videos.


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