Jan 20, 2012

Oi Va Voi: Yiddish Music Meets Contemporary Elements


oi-va-voi-yiddish-music-englandDo you know the band Oi Va Voi from England? If you have never heard their music, it is time to know them. A London based band Oi Va Voi performs music that it cannot be described in only one genre. They build rock, Eastern Europe music, pop, electronic, Klezmer music, and jazz upon Yiddish music. The sound, excellent vocals, instrumental variety, harmony between combined genres and musicality make Oi Va Voi one of the best music groups still performing. The experimental band from London was founded in late 90’s. Although some musicians have left the band, they are still crowded band with new members. Oi Va Voi will be a band you cannot leave after you meet their charming music. I still cannot forget their song Refugee. You could some preview songs and videos on their MySpace profile. Just click here and meet with Oi Va Voi’s magical world. A special note that Oi Va Voi means Oh My God in Yiddish language. You would say this after you hear their music. Listen Refugee and Yuri first, and then watch the video named in Magic Carpet.

You could hear wide range of instruments like guitar, mandolin, drum, percussion, bass, clarinet, trumpet, violin, piano, and accordion. Female vocals are perfect that you will agree with me after you hear Refugee. Some of their songs are very funny, but some of their songs will take you to another world. Their music is magical. The band also worked with some musicians like Anna Phoebe, Earl Zinger, and Haylie Ecker. Anna Phoebe is a great violinist that I will write about her soon. She has a perfect rock album with her violin. Oi Va Voi’s music is mixture of modern music genres and eastern music elements like Yiddish music and Klezmer.


Although their studio performance is perfect, I suggest you to see their live performance. I am very lucky that they came to Istanbul many times, and I could see them several times. The band’s live performance is excellent. You could spend a good time, while you are listening to them. Check their tour dates from their website. If they come to your city, do not lose their concert. They will deserve what you pay!

Oi Va Voi has four studio albums. Let me give you some suggestions about their discography.

Digital Folklore (2002) is their debut album. It is successful debut album that some of the songs in the album rearranged in the next album. This album also contains more electronic elements that do not compare with the other albums. A Csitari Hegyek Alatt and Tatar Love Song are my favorites in the debut album.

Laughter Through Tears (2003) is the second album that the band improved their sound. They created professional sound in the album. Klezmer and Eastern Europe melodies will fascinate you. Refugee is the best song the album that it is also their well-known song. Ladino Song, Yesterday's Mistakes, Hora and D'Ror Yikra are my favorites. Do not lose the album!

oi-va-voi-laughter-through-tears-album oi-va-voi-self-titled-album

Oi Va Voi (2007) is a self titled album. It is extremely suggested album that it is over genres. Yuri is my favorite song in the album. Balkanik, Black Sheep, Dissident and Look Down are my other favorite songs from the album.

Travelling the Face of the Globe (2009) is the last album of Oi Va Voi. You also could find songs take you to different world. Travelling the Face of the Globe, S’brent, Magic Carpet, and Long Way from Home are my favorites.

You will enjoy hearing Oi Va Voi’s magical music. If you have never met with them, it is time to meet. Go to their profile and meet their music and videos. Do not lose the band.


Bye for now!


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