Jan 25, 2012

Yothu Yindi: Aboriginal Rock and Pop from Australia


yothu-yindi-aborigin-rock-group-australiaToday, I would like to introduce an aboriginal rock group from Australia. Yothu Yindi is an Australian band formed with aborigine and non-aborigine members. The band combines aspect of aboriginal culture with contemporary rock elements. They use some typical aboriginal instruments like yidaki and bilma. Those traditional instruments make their music fascinating. They make songs about aboriginal culture that you could know more about aborigines. Yothu Yindi presents the strength of aboriginal culture, presenting the other people throughout the world to appreciate and enjoy aspects of that ancient aboriginal culture. They also adapted Yolngu dance to their music. Yothu Yindi is one of the best groups I discovered recently.

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Yothu Yindi’s music is fascinating that it is possible to hear aspects of aboriginal music in contemporary music. Although the band performs rock, you also could hear some pop and dance music elements combined with cultural items. Translation of the band’s name is child and mother in local language. I really appreciate using yidaki and some traditional instruments in their music. Yidaki has an impressive sound that makes their sound authentic. Lyrics promote need for mutual respect and understanding in the coming together of different cultures. Many music authorities in Australia awarded the band in different nominations.

The band was formed in 1986 and they released some albums with different members. They still keep founder members Mandawuy Yunupingu and Stuart Kellaway. They could not play recently due to Yunupingu’s health problem. Let us see Yothu Yindi discography and my suggestions.

  • Homeland Movement (1988) is a successful debut album that you could find many traditional influenced songs with rock elements.
  • Tribal Voice (1991) is one of my favorites. I suggest Mainstream song extremely. Do not lose the song. It is perfect. Treaty, Gapirri, Dharta and Hope are my favorites. You also could hear some traditional songs from aboriginal culture.
  • Freedom (1993) is my other favorite album that I suggest Yolngu Boy song extremely. I also suggest all songs in the album. This album will fascinate you.
  • Birrkuta - Wild Honey (1996)
  • One Blood (1998)
  • Garma (2000) is the last album of Yothu Yindi. Although this album contains less aboriginal elements, I like many songs. You also could find more pop elements in the album. I suggest Good Medicine, Calling Every Nation, Community Life and Fire are my favorites. I really like the album’s sound and female vocals. I suggest the album highly.

yothu-yindi-tribal-voice-album yothu-yindi-freedom-album

Yothu Yindi is a perfect band from Australia. You will enjoy hearing aboriginal elements with contemporary rock and pop. Please visit the band’s website to buy their album and get to know more about the band. It will be a good discover for you.


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Dev Rex said...

great ! nice music !

Burak Muzik said...

it is one my favorites. i really enjoy hearing their music.

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