Feb 2, 2012

Anna Phoebe: Rock with Vixen of the Violin


anna-phoebe-rock-with-violinDo you like rock music with violin? If your answer is yes, if you like violin solos with hard guitar riffs, pay attention to Anna Phoebe and her albums. Anna Phoebe is a talented violin performer from the United Kingdom. I heard her performance in Oi Va Voi albums first. I really like her performance and I found her solo career albums that she is an excellent violinist. She hired by many musicians like Ronan Keating, LeAnn Rimes, George Michael, and Robin Gibb. It is only an introduction. After I write her career with the other musicians, you appreciate her and her musical talent. Although she worked with many musicians and groups, her solo career albums contain rock elements. It is really very good to hear hard guitar riffs under Anna Phoebe’s violin solos. Everybody knows Vanessa Mae. I could say Anna is heavy version of Vanessa Mae. She also called as Vixen of the Violin that it is very good description to define her talent. I hope you buy her albums and meet with her symphonic fascination.

This video has been taken from www.annaphoebe.com. It is free to use material.

Anna Phoebe worked with many artist and groups that I wrote she worked with Oi Va Voi. She appeared in Travelling the Face of the Globe and Oi Va Voi albums. She was also invited to play in a symphonic rock band Trans Siberian Orchestra. She appeared in two albums of the band. I also suggest Trans Siberian Orchestra to rock lovers. Anna Phoebe joined Jethro Tull as a guest violinist and she played with them during Jethro Tull world tour in 2007. She also featured with Steven Tyler, Jon Anderson, and Paul Rodgers. She still plays with Jon Lord from Deep Purple. She worked with appreciated rock musicians that I respect her talent.


Anna Phoebe has two studio albums under her name that those albums combine rock with violin and eastern melodies. I suggest both albums extremely. I hope she could find time from working with excellent musicians to make new albums. Let us see her discography and my suggestions.

  • Gypsy (2006) is a successful debut album. The album was made with Angus Clark (Trans Siberian Orchestra). The album combines violin and eastern melodies with rock rhythms. Bombay to Beirut, Gypsy, Goddess, and Phoenix Hotel are my favorite songs. I suggest the album extremely.
  • Rise of the Warrior (2008) is an album that she deserves vixen of the violin nickname. The perfect album contains more rock with epic elements that harmony between riffs and her violin solos is perfect. Rise of the Warrior, Ballingoola, Dawn of the Sphinx, Call to Arms, Army of Souls, and The Journey Home are my favorites. Do not lose the album!

anna-phoebe-rise-of-the-warrior-album anna-phoebe-gypsy-album

Anna Phoebe is a great violinist that her music satisfy your expectations from music combines rock and symphonic elements. You could visit her official website to listen to preview songs and watch her videos. You also could buy her albums from the website. I hope we could see upcoming album announce soon!


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