Feb 7, 2012

Babylon Circus: Ska and Reggae Meets French Music


babylon-circus-ska-reggae-gypsy-rock-france-musicToday, I would like to write about a French band Babylon Circus. If you heard never heard them, you will enjoy hearing their funny music. Babylon Circus combines ska and reggae elements successfully. Absolutely, it is not pure reggae or ska. The band combines those elements with rock, swing, jazz, punk, Balkan music, and gypsy music elements. The band was founded as a ska band but, they added new genres and influences in their musicality. Combination of funny music styles and genres make an exciting music. Although lyrics are in French generally, they also have English songs. Sometimes, both two languages are mixed in some of their songs. Their lyrics deal with political issues that they also have anti war themed album. I also suggest the named in Figli Di Madre Ignota, if you like ska influenced music with Balkan elements.

Babylon Circus La Cigarette song. Please visit babyloncircus.com for more materials without copyright.

Babylon Circus consists of eleven members. A crowded lineup created instrumental diversity that some of members of the band are multi instrumentalist musicians. They generally use guitar, tambourine, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, flute, bass, trumpet, flugelhorn, timpani, trombone, tuba, barrel organ, and drums. I think it is enough to create funny music influenced by many genres. I have watched their live performance on the internet. I could say they know how to have fun, and let you have more fun. A jubilant effusion creates funny and exciting music. If you like dancing, do not lose the band! France, Lyon based band creates music for dancing like a crazy.

Let us see Babylon Circus discography and some of my suggestions.

  • Demo no. 1 (1996)
  • Musika (1997) is an album that it is more reggae and ska influenced album. Let me run and Suffering souls are my favorites in this album.
  • Tout va Bien (1999) is an EP that it shows development of their music. They improved their sound and musicality in this EP. Mister Spidon is my favorite song in the EP.
  • Au Marché Des Illusions (2001) is a professional album that combines ska, reggae, rock, punk, Balkan music, and gypsy music elements successfully. Au Marché Des Illusions, Paul, Ya Ka Fokon, Ah L'humeur De Meche, Don Quichotte is Not Dead, and Lundi 6H are my favorites. I suggest the album highly.
  • Dances of Resistance (2004) is the most political album of the band. Main theme of the album is anti war movement. I suggest the album extremely. Dances of Resistance, J'aurais Bien Voulu, Musical Terrorism Act, Sailor's Wife, Lost in the Jungle, and My Friend are my favorites in this album. I really like this funny album. Do not lose it!
  • La Belle Etoile (2009) is a perfect album that their sound becomes more professional day by day. Marions-Nous Au Soleil, L'envol (Feat. Karina Zeviani), La Cigarette, Nina, Le Fils Caché Du Pape, and Une Minute are my favorites. I believe that you will enjoy hearing the album. I suggest it extremely. You will never feel regret to buy it!

babylon-circus-dances-of-resistance-album babylon-circus-au-marche-des-illusions-album

Babylon Circus is a funny and exciting band that rock, punk, Balkan music, and gypsy music influenced ska and reggae will make you have fun extremely. I suggest the band extremely. I only want to say that they must re-design their website. The exciting band deserves a professional website! You also could visit their official profile to listen to more songs and watch some of their video clips. I believe that you will appreciate the successful band. I hope I could see them in Istanbul.



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