Feb 3, 2012

Michal Jelonek: Violin Oriented Rock Music from Poland


michal-jelonek-rock-and-violin-music-from-polandI really like classical music oriented rock music. Yesterday I wrote about Anna Phoebe who performs rock with her violin. Today, I would like to write about the other violin hero Jelonek. Michal Jelonek is a Polish musician and composer who perform rock music with classical music elements. If you like Anna Phoebe, you will like him too. It is really nice to hear classical melodies with heavy guitar riffs. Anna combines rock music with eastern melodies; he combines rock music with classical music. Both musicians are my favorites in this genre that I suggest them extremely. Michal Jelonek is a reputed musician and composer in Poland that he has been featured on over 30 albums from Polish musicians and groups. His contribution of those albums ranging from rock to classical music, folk, pop, heavy metal and world music.

This video has been placed here upon permission of Michal Jelonek. Visit his website for more materials.

Michal Jelonek worked with many musicians in various genres that he played over 1600 concerts in many countries like Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Russia, and some Middle and Eastern Europe countries. He also makes music for advertisements and movies. He released two albums in 2007 and 2001. I really appreciate the progressive line in his music that progressive elements make his music unique and original. He plays with nine musicians in his albums that instrumental variety is very good. He also has a metal band named in Hunter.

Let us see Michal Jelonek’s discography and some of my suggestions. If you check his website, you could see his collaborations with the other musicians. I will only write about his solo albums.

  • Jelonek (2007) is the self titled debut album that it is baroque influenced album. This album is my favorite that guitar sound was adjusted very well. BaRock, B-East, Vendome 1212, A Funeral of a Provincial Vampire, War In The Kids Room, Mosquito Flight, and Pizzicato-Asceticism are my favorite songs. I could say the album is a masterpiece. You will enjoy hearing every song in the album. Do not hesitate to buy this album, if you want to hear baroque melodies with hot guitar riffs. You also could hear some melodies from Vivaldi!
  • Revenge (2011) is the last album of Michal Jelonek. Although this album contains more heavy metal elements, he still keeps progressive line. Cockroaches Empire, Owl's Pathetic Song, Romantic Revenge, Sabre Dance, Schizo Ferret, Cementary Woodpeacker Promised Kadish, and Lord Mantis Dilemma. I also suggest the album extremely.

jelonek-violin-rock-album jelonek-revenge-album

Michal Jelonek is a talented violinist and composer that both Jelonek and Revenge albums satisfy your expectations from violin oriented rock music. If you are a rock fan, if you like violin performers do not lose him. You could visit Michal Jelonek’s website to listen and buy his albums. You also could find video clips and more information about Jelonek and his band Hunter. He also has a live DVD named in Przystanek Woodstock 2010. I also suggest the DVD to watch his perfect live performance.


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