Jan 18, 2012

The Freak Fandango Orchestra: Perfect Gypsy Punk from Spain


The Freak Fandango Orchestra is a multi cultural band from Barcelona, Spain that they perform gypsy music with Balkan Music, polka, punk rock and folk elements. Last week, I was trying to find some royalty free music on jamendo.com to post my blog. There are so many groups, performers, and artist in Jamendo to share and distribute their music. While I was thinking I only could find some amateur records, I saw an album cover. Fandango word attracted me firstly. After that I checked the band’s page and found some tags like gypsy punk, rock, folk rock, Balkan and gypsy music. When I open the player, I met with a band performs rock music with Balkan and gypsy music elements very well. I did not expect to meet a professional band but, I said wow, it is perfect! I also appreciated their motto. We don’t want your money, we want your soul. They created their album with Creative Commons License. It means you could copy and share the album as long as you consider conditions given at the bottom of the post. You could press play button on the player has given below to meet the fascinating band The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

Variety of instruments makes their musical diversity in high level. The band’s lineup is Xavi (bass), Jurgen (guitar and vocals), Alfonso (violin and trumpet), Noe (accordion and vocal), Vitto (saxophone), David (drum and artwork), and Armin (trumpet). Their music influenced by Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Band, Goran Bregovic and Gogol Bordello. I believe that they will reach their idols’ level. I really like their sound that it is very professional. Band members are very friendly that you could talk with them when you want. I am impatient to go to Barcelona and watch their live performance. I have seen their live videos and I could say they are excellent.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra has two studio albums and one EP. You could listen to Tales of a Dead Fish album from the player. It is very funny and professional album that all songs are suggested extremely. Requiem for a Fish, Late as Usual, At the Beginning, and Hitman's Love Song with guest singer Paola Graziano are my favorite songs in the album. Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey is the other album of the band. It is also lovable album that its sound and harmony are perfect. Monkey Said, Nevermore, The Hug and At World's End are my favorite songs. Actually, adding some melodies from the other countries’ music could be interesting. I believe that they would play Bubamara very well. I will also suggest some Turkish melodies to them later.


You could listen or download The Freak Fandango Orchestra albums from Jamendo website. Both two albums were created with Creative Commons License and you could download and share without having copyright problems. You also could donate and support the band from Jamendo website.

Tales of a Dead Fish: http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/101727

Love, Death and a Drunken Monkey: http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/48911

Hearing The Freak Fandango Orchestra’s music makes me very happy. Great tunes in gypsy music, rock and punk elements, variety of instruments, combining the music with the other styles like polka and folk make them appreciated band. It is not an ordinary band; it is a professional band performs music with multi cultural items. Visit their website to get more information about the band.


Bye for now!

(cc)Special Note: The album given above created with Creative Commons License and some rights reserved. You could copy, distribute, advertise and play this album as long as you:

  • Give credit to the artist
  • Distribute all derivative works under the same license


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