Jan 7, 2012

Leningrad Cowboys: Red Army Choir Meets Rock Music

leningrad-cowboysLeningrad Cowboys! Maybe they are the funniest rock group in the world. Kitsch costumes, interesting hair design, funny performance and Russian influence. It is Finnish Director Aki Kaurismaki project. Have you ever watched Leningrad Cowboys Go to America movie? It is very funny Aki Kaurismaki movie that tells a story about a Russian rock group goes to America to be famous. It’s very funny story. After the movie, Leningrad Cowboys made many albums as a cult rock group. Although their appearance looks cult, they are serious musicians and their musicality is perfect. Leningrad Cowboys perform cover songs from many artist and rock group like Delilah from Tom Jones, Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, and Perfect Day from Lou Reed. Those Were Days! It is a famous song that many singers sing it. In my humble opinion, Leningrad Cowboys’ version is perfect. We could describe their music as Polka Rock.


Everybody knows Alexandrov Ensemble also known as Russian Red Army Choir. They are world wide famous orchestra and choir from Russia. Have you ever heard them they are singing rock music? We know their live performance. Red Army Choir performance meets with Leningrad Cowboys funny live shows and rock music. It means albums and concerts that must be listened. Would you like to listen to Delilah or Sweet Home Alabama from this funny combination? Maybe you want to listen to songs from Red Army Choir repertoire. You will find both in the albums made by Leningrad Cowboys and Red Army Choir. I can describe their music as vodka insobriety turns to rock music and live shows.


Many dancers and musicians joined and left Leningrad Cowboys and the group many albums from 1989 to 2011. Please find their studio albums and some of live albums list and some of my suggestions.

  • Leningrad Cowboys Go to America (1989) is the soundtrack of Aki Kaurismaki. You could find many cover songs like Born to be Wild, L.A Woman, and Tequila. It is perfect album that it is extremely suggested.
  • We Cum from Brooklyn (1992) is the other perfect album. You could find Fat Bop Dollop, Back in USSR covers and some famous Russian songs like Kossack and Katyusha. And Those Were Days! It’s a perfect cover that you must listen. Don’t lose it.
  • Total Balalajka Show (1993) is a live album made together with Russian Red Army Choir. It’s an unbelievable album that everybody must buy the album. You could find songs from Kalinka to Katyusha, from Stairway to Heaven to Those Were Days. You will be fascinated by Red Army Choir’s performance. Don’t think, only buy it!
  • Happy Together (1994) is a studio album made with Russian Red Army Choir. You could find rock songs in the album. It is very funny and highly suggested album. Just a Gigolo, Stairway to Heaven, Delilah and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door were covered perfectly.
  • Go Space (1996)
  • Mongolian Barbeque (1997) is a remix album. You also could find some Polka Rock songs.
  • Terzo Mondo (2000)
  • Zombies Paradise (2006) is a bit different from the other albums. Guitar sound is very hard. If you like hardcore, don’t lose it.
  • Buena Vodka Social Club (2011) is a perfect album like old albums. Their musicality gets better year by year. Don’t lose it.


Leningrad Cowboys is really very nice rock group from Finland. It is cult, kitsch and funny band that gives you happy hours. Contribution of Red Army Choir also makes their music and live performance appreciated. You could find Leningrad Cowboys’ official website to watch some live videos and to buy albums. I also give the band’s official MySpace profile to listen to some preview songs with Russian Red Army Choir.



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