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Hello Friends,

Music is my passion. One of the reasons I opened this blog is to introduce some of world music groups, artists, and performers. Another reason is to meet with some music lovers from all over the world, to suggest new tastes to them and to discover new tastes come from them.

Although my musical background is Rock, I do not want to write about famous rock groups, because, there are a million of reviews about famous rock groups. You will find my articles about world music performers, album reviews, music news, introduction of special music projects, my impressions about local performers and so many issues about music. What kind of music styles will you find here? I will write reviews about musicians from Rock to Jazz, Gypsy Music to Mystic Music, from the United States to India, from Africa to China. I will review wide range of music styles and musicians briefly.

I will also introduce musicians and special album projects from Turkey. Although Turkish music is not well known or known wrongly, there so many reputable musicians in Turkey.

I hope you like my reviews. Please do not hesitate to write your comments to exchange ideas and impressions. You also can add me to your profiles on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. If you think some of the information is wrong, missing or incorrect, please send me e-mail from the contact page..

This blog does not contain any material copyrighted material. If you like, some groups on this blog do not forget to buy their album to support.

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