Feb 8, 2012

Melo-M: Great Cello Band with Perfect Covers


melo-m-cello-cover-band-from-latviaRecently, I write posts about violin performers. Today, I would like to talk about a cello band. I think I am in stringed instruments mood that I write more posts about this genre and performers. There are many cello bands. Absolutely, Apocalyptica is the most well-known cello band of the world. I heard many cello bands but, many of them have creativity and diversity problem. They make music in ordinary way. I discovered a cello band from Latvia, Riga. The band’s name is Melo-M. The band consists of three classically educated cellists. They rearrange and play well-known and reputed songs in rock music forms. I found them on YouTube first. I though it was an ordinary cello band until I heard their exciting music. It is very good to listen to songs I like in a unique form. The band’s name Melo-M name is derived from melomania. You could buy their album by clicking on the players.

Band members Kārlis Auzāns, Miķelis Dobičins, and Jānis Pauls are classically educated persons that they still continue their studies. Melo-M also shared the stage with Apocalyptica, Maizie Williams (Boney M), Robert Wells and some Latvian performers. I could say their live performance is as good as their performance in studio albums. I really appreciate their live shows. You could listen to such famous songs as: Mission Impossible Theme, Misirlou, The Final Countdown, Those Were the Days, Come Together, I Will Survive, Daddy Cool and more. Hearing rock and pop elements with great cello rhythms and solos is perfect.

Let us see Melo-M discography and my suggestions. You could buy their albums or songs, if you follow links in the player or website of the band.

  • Melo-M (2005) is a successful debut album. Rock on the Ice, Dzimta Valoda, Dzejnieks are my favorites. I could say it is amazing and exciting album. Do not lose it!
  • Singalongs (2007) is a perfect album that you could find many cover versions like Mission Impossible, Daddy Cool (with Maizie Williams), Take on Me, Ghost Busters, I Will Survive and more. I suggest the album extremely. Unique and exciting covers make you feel good.
  • Around the World (2009) is another cover album that you will like. Misirlou, Zorba’s Dance, Hava Nagila, El Condor Pasa and Greensleeves are my favorite covers in the album. I suggest the album extremely.
  • Phantasy of the Opera (2010) is the last album of the band. You could find some parts of famous classical music compositions from reputed composers. Barber of Rossini, Boogie Bumblebee, Diary of Carmen, Verdi (ct), and Gershwintime are my favorites. I also suggest the album extremely.

Melo-M is a cello band that talented musicians rearrange music with their uniqueness. I believe that you will enjoy every seconds of their music. You could visit their official website to watch their live performance videos and more information. You also could buy their songs or albums from their website. Support the young band so that they will make new exciting albums!


Bye for now!

Special Note: Songs have been placed here upon permission of the group. You could buy the album, if you click the player.


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