Dec 14, 2011

Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra: Soundtracks from Balkan movies


Emir KusturicaI hope you know Emir Kusturica from his movies. Actually, I believe that Emir Kusturica means music. We will discover his magical music world and know more about Balkan Music. I can say there are three directors who choose soundtracks perfectly. Who are they? You are right that they are Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, and Emir Kusturica. Emir is a bit different from the others. He makes his soundtracks himself. I want to talk about Emir’s funny band in this article. It is Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra that it will be called as TNSO from now on.

TNSO was a rock band in former Yugoslavia named in Zabranjeno Pusenje. Emir used to play bass and guitar in this band. Actually, it was an ordinary rock band in 80’s, but vocalist Nelle Karajilic and Emir Kusturica made the band as a jam band. We can watch their funny live sessions from their DVD's. The group consists of 12 persons and some dancers. Emir plays bass and Emir’s son Stribor plays drums.

When we talked about Emir Kusturica movies and soundtracks, we remembered Goran Bregovic. Underground and Time of Gypsies soundtracks are masterpieces of Goran. In 1998, Emir’s new movie Black Cat, White Cat was released and we met TNSO. We expected a Goran Bregovic album, but Emir used his own very colorful and funny band. We can say Black Cat, White Cat is a Balkan Music album but it’s not a typical Balkan album or world music album like all TNSO albums. You can find everything in this music from Rock to Techno. Local music is combined with modern world music perfectly. For example, Daddy, Don't Ever Dye on a Friday is a typical Balkan song at the same time it’s a rock song. Black Cat White Cat, Bubamara and Duj Sandle are fascinating songs in this album.

In the beginning of millennium, the No Smoking Orchestra released new album named in Unza Unza Time. It is a good suggestion to understand their music. I can say that it is a masterpiece. Unza Unza Time, Devil in the Business Class, Pit-bull Terrier and Drang Nach Osten songs must be listened. You will never feel regret because of listening this album.

unza-unza-time-albumTNSO did not make any album for four years. In 2004, Emir’s new movie, When Life Was a Miracle had been shown. So, we missed TNSO and heard them in this movie. Their music is getting mature year by year. This soundtrack album is also suggested. Actually all albums are suggested. Because, you feel very good when, you hear their music. Anyway, let’s see some suggestion from this album. You can find their video clips on some video websites. Wanted Man, Who Killed the DJ, When Life is a Miracle, and Moldovian songs are extremely suggested songs. In 2005, they also released this album as a live album. You should watch it to hear funny songs and see colorful live show.

the-no-smoking-band-nelle-karajilicIn 2007, TNSO released their one of the best of albums Punk Opera Time of the Gypsies. I cannot find any words to describe this album. They really carried Balkan Music to a new platform. Some songs in Time of Gypsies Soundtrack are rearranged and released in this album together with some new songs. A big orchestra plays with TNSO. It is a perfect Balkan opera. Lorenzo, Evropa, Hederlezi, and Perhan Sovel songs are suggested. At least listen them on a video website. This album also released as DVD. You will see a theatre and opera at the same time. Beautiful songs, significant lyrics, wonderful shows, and interesting dances will fascinate you in the DVD.

They also have a Best Of album. Maybe, it could be a good choice to understand their music. Give an opportunity to TNSO. You will never feel regret to listen them. They deserve your interest. Buy their albums to support. I believe that TNSO will make reputable albums and shows. You could visit TNSO’s website link has given below. You could get more information about TNSO and Emir Kusturica.

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