Dec 14, 2011

Vagabond Opera: New wave of the Cabaret Music


Recently, Neo-Cabaret music is rising. So many bands, singers, dancers perform this kind of music. There are millions of boring groups and singers. Although I like classical style of cabaret music, I will introduce a neo cabaret group. It is Vagabond Opera from the United States, Oregon. Their music is really original, fluent, and likeable.

Eric Stern has founded the group in the beginning of 2000’s. He was trained in Europe that his musical background is opera. Sometimes, cabaret and opera words could be heard as boring. However, this group brings new understanding to cabaret music. Their music is combined with some kind of Eastern Europe music such as Klezmer, Russian and Ukrainian folk, gypsy music, and some Oriental items. Their music also contains some kinds of modern styles like Jazz, Swing and Tango.vagabond-opera
The group’s vocal lineup is highly rich and interesting. There are four vocals, and some of them were trained as tenor and soprano. And musical lineup is as interesting as vocal lineup. There are accordion, tenor saxophone, clarinet, cellos, contrabass, and drum performers. Sometimes, we can see some guest dancers and musicians.

Vagabond Opera’s website is very good. You could listen many of songs, listen their live performance, and buy their albums. To visit the website is highly recommended.

the-zeitgeist-beckons-albumThey have released four studio albums. Get on the Train is their first album and released in 2003. Go to the group’s website and listen Reine de la Rocca, Leyla and Chaplin Nonsense Song and Bei Mir Bist du Schone. You have an idea about Vagabond Opera’s music now. I hope you enjoyed by funny songs, and feel better after some romantic songs. Second album was released in 2006. The album’s name is Vagabond Opera. Description of this album is more Eastern Europe and more Orientalism. Hijazz is their Arabic song. The Transformation into Marlene shows their Marlene Dietrich passion. Svi Te Terren is a Balkan folk song called as Hederlezi. Manayunk, Ich Hob Dikh Tsu Ful Lib, and Merci Django songs are successful songs in this album.The Zeitgeist Beckons album was released in 2009. This album is one of the best album of the group. It is highly recommended. New Year’s Eve in a Haunted House, Welcome to the Opera, Russian Jazz Waltz, Ganef, Tango til, They are Sore and Goodnight Moon are fascinating songs in the album.In this year, Sing For Your Lives album was released. I can say that it is a gypsy music based album. It is fascinating and fluent album. All songs are very good. It is one the most listenable album of the group. Spirit Dances Evermore, King of the Gypsies, Sing For Your Lives, and Beard and Moustache songs must be listened. 
Finally, I can say Vagabond Opera is one of the best groups in Neo Cabaret Music. Using different features make their music likeable and fascinating. Please visit their website and listen their songs. Do not forget to buy their albums to support the group.

Bye for now.


Opera Tickets said...

I thought for a second i was reading something on vengaboys - a pop group. I was about to say...they're doing opera now? lol!

Burak Muzik said...

haha :) sometimes i do it too :)

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