Dec 23, 2011

Danney Alkana: Classical Music Loves Rock


In this post, we will review an album from a multi skilled rock guitarist from the United States. I like to write about this kind of albums and artist on the world music blog. If you listen to his guitar, you feel harmony between Classical Music and rock. I like Classical Music featured rock albums and this one is one of my best. There are some good examples in world music. Everybody knows Yngwie Malmsteen the virtuous guitar player. He has two albums played in this sound. Nonetheless, many of famous rock groups have albums with classical music orchestras. It is a good evidence to show rock loves classical music. I also introduced a band named in Ulytau like that in my previous posts. All guitarists could play classical music, but to find original ones are very difficult. Therefore, in this post, we will get to know Danney Alkana the guitarist plays classical music.

Danney Alkana had a rock band in early 80’s and the band was broken up. He used to work in a music market without making music. One day his customer requests him to play his music and it rekindles him to make music once again. Finally, he decided to make an album in a unique concept. Although he is a rock music player, his world music journey began with classical music and piano when he was a child. He is very skilled musician that he is able to play some instruments.

Musicians must be careful when they blend music styles. If they make a mistake, the mistakes make their music ordinary and low-key. There are so many scandal albums on world music market. Danney Alkana is a multi talented musician that he played almost all instruments like guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard in his album.


He has only one album that classical music and rock merged professionally. His musicality influenced by Baroque period music and he made an album, song chosen from this period. The album’s name is Rock the Bach and there 10 memorable compositions from Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Paganini. Rock the Bach is a very good album that all collectors should have. He made a technically perfect album that it does not disturb its listener.

Let us see the track list of Rock the Bach album,

1. Ludving van Beethoven's fifth Symphony
2. Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring
3. Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto for Strings
4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s A Little Serenade
5. Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sleepers Awake
6. Niccolo Paganini’s Sonata Concertata 
7. Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto in B Minor 
8. Peter Warlock’s Basse Danse
9. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings
10. Ludving van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony Complete

Almost all tracks of the album are fascinating and made diligently. You will never feel regret if you get this album. Danney Alkana brings you to baroque period by fusing classical music and rock. This is one the most important rock based classical music album on the world music.

Do not forget to buy Rock the Bach album to support him to provide us new tasty projects. Please find his official profile page given below. You could listen some of his songs on the profile. It is a good opportunity to understand his musical background.

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