Dec 19, 2011

Erika and Emigrante: Gypsy Music with Rock in Parisian Music


erika-and-emigrante-gypsy-french-bandDo you like multicultural bands merge different music styles? If your answer is yes, there is a band for you to know. I always like bands like this, because it is very good to listen to different tastes together. In addition, if bands members are from different countries, to listen to their music is more interesting and pleasurable. To make the music by blending wide range of styles with musicians from different countries make Erika and Emigrante’s musicality very high. Erika and Emigrante is a Paris based gypsy music band. The band’s main lineup consists of a Syrian Italian guitarist Serigo Leonardi, a French drummer Francois Laizeau, a jazzy bass player from Cameroon D.D. Bell, an Indian tabla player Latif Ahmet Khan, and some guest gypsy and French performers. All of them are entertaining musicians and they reflect their soul to the music.
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Did I forget one of them? Yes, I forgot the vocalist of the band Erika Serre. She is a Hungary origin French gypsy singer. Her story is interesting. Emir Kusturica and Tony Gatlif noticed her. I have sent a post about Emir Kusturica before that you could read to click here, but I am thinking to send a post about Tony Gatlif too. He is not only director, but also musician. His movies smell gypsy music. Anyway, Erika Serre was involved in some of Kusturica and Gatlif projects. Finally, she found her own band with Emigrante its lineup consists of immigrants and French musicians.

 Do only they perform Gypsy Music? If I say yes, it would be a big mistake. They perform music in very wide range from east and west. They play sometimes Rock, sometimes Reggae, sometimes Balkan and Gypsy music, sometimes music from Middle East, and many of times those styles varieties.

The band has two studio albums. The first album is Tzigane Experience. It is a good debut album but it is not as good as the second album. Therefore, we are going to talk about the second album named in Tzigane from Mars. 2009-released album includes more Rock elements that Sergi Leonardi’s guitar put in the front deliberately. Each song has different music taste beside Rock. Let us see the album’s track list and talk about some highlighted songs. You could find some notes near song names.

Satore: It is a good introduction. It is highly recommended.
Jaipur: An African oriented Reggae.
Johnny, Tu n'es Pas un Ange: Perfect Gypsy song.
L'amor Senza Pace: A good ballad. Listen it. You will feel good.
Bismillah: It is a nice Middle East oriented Rock that it is extremely recommended.
Kashmir: Yes, you are right! It is Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. It is a good cover.
: It is nice African oriented Ska.
Tzigane from Mars
Te Vas Sukarije
: It is a good cover of a Balkan folk song.
: She could be a good Rock singer. It is a nice cover of a Balkan song.

Tzigane from Mars is very good album that give us taste of various kinds of music. It is a good sound for a person who likes Rock as me. We could describe the album as Rock based Gypsy music oriented by multicultural taste. It was also very good to hear Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir in the album. Of course, we cannot compare their performance with Led Zeppelin. However, it is a good cover that I like it.

I believe that you will feel very good after you listen to funny, multicultural and likeable band Erika and Emigrante. Do not forget to buy their album to support them.

Finally, I will give their official My Space page link. Please, find some of their songs and videos on the website.

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