Dec 15, 2011

Kultur Shock: Gypsy music meets Punk and Rock


Have you ever heard anything about gypsy punk? When I heard this style, it made me feel very good. I like gypsy music that I will introduce some gypsy bands in my next posts. Absolutely, it is not pure and noisy punk music, and we can find some rock elements. It makes this kind of music better and listenable. There are some good gypsy punk bands like Kultur Shock, Gogol Bordello, Russkaja, Visa and so on. Today, we will talk about very funny and interesting group Kultur Shock.


It is Seattle based gypsy punk group. Kultur Shock members are immigrants come from different countries such as Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the United States, Indonesia, and Japan. Lyrics are concerned with immigrants’ problems like integration, having job, and so on. They describe themselves as a live band of blue-collar immigrants. Actually, Japan seems a bit freak among those countries, but there are some Japanese groups perform gypsy music.

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Their music is rock music integrated Balkan Music. If you like Balkan Music, you will like Kultur Shock. Songs are rearranged Balkan Folk songs, and lyrics are written for immigrants’ problems. Oriental elements are also used in their music. The band’s musical lineup consists of violin, tabor, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, drum, bass, and electric guitar mainly.

Their first album is a concert album released in 1999. In 2001, they released Fucc the Ins album. In my humble opinion, this album is the best album of the group. It is extremely recommended album. Buy it and listen. You will never feel regret. Mastika, Backdoor Boyz, and Nadjia are my favorite songs in the album. How to Fucc Songs and Irritate Musicians is the best performance in the album.

In 2004, Kultura Diktatura album was released. It is very funny album and highly recommended. We could see the group’s improvements in music very well. Tutti Frutti, Mustafa, Hashishi, and Too Late to Fornicate songs are attractive songs of the album.

In 2006, new album We Came to Take Your Jobs Away was released. Kultur Shock improves their music year by year. Do not forget to listen God is Busy, May I Help You?, Istanbul, Tango la Victoire, and Sarajevo. You could find their album and songs on their website.

In 2007, the group released a live album named in Live in Europe. After that, Integration album was released in 2009. Instruments’ harmonies, lyrics quality, integration of local elements are very successful. Balcchanalia, Country Mohhamed, King for Today songs must be listened. Gore Gore! It is the best song in the album and it can make you a bit sad.

In this year, 2011, their last album Ministry of Kultur was released. Although it is a very good album technically, we expect better albums form Kultur Shock. Revolutionary Song, She Works in a Coal Mine, Choko Ko Ko and Don't Shoot Me are the most listenable songs in the album.


If you hear Kultur Shock’s music, you will feel very good. I really appreciate this band. If you have an opportunity to see their live performance, do not be late to see them. I watched them in Istanbul in 2011, April. Their live performance is perfect. It is valuable and listenable group from Seattle. Buy their albums to support them. You could visit their official website and listen some of their song. If you like, you can buy their albums from the website.

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