Dec 28, 2011

Warsaw Village Band: Polish Folk Music with Modern Elements


Do you like folk music modernized with contemporary elements? Today, we will know more about modernized folk music band Warsaw Village Band. It is funny, polyphonic, and high quality band from Poland. The band makes polish folk music with traditional and modern elements. There are such groups make the music in world music market, but many of them are not successful or their musical vision is very poor. In this blog, I always write articles about the most successful ones. Warsaw Village Band is one of them. They describe their music as hardcore folk. Some music authorities awarded the band several times. The most important one is BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music as newcomer in 2003. The band also awarded by European Broadcasting Union in for the best folk music recording.


The band consists of seven talented persons. Instrument variety is setup very well. Warsaw Village Band uses such traditional instrument as hurdy gurdy, dulcimer, a unique fiddle suka, and frame drums. In addition, it is possible to find modern music elements like violin, cello, and bass. Vocal understanding is very rich, almost all members sing in the band with main vocals. Band members travelled to discover Polish musicians, listen and record local musicians, and consider local experience and intelligence to use in their musical themes. They are very successful to incorporate traditional and folk music with their musicality.

Let us see Warsaw Village Band’s discography given below,

  • Hop Sa Sa (1998)
  • People’s Spring (2002)
  • Uprooting (2004)
  • Upmixing (2008)
  • Infinity (2008)

They start their international adventure after their People’s Spring album released by Jaro Records from Germany. In 2004, Uprooting album released to world music market and important music authorities awarded the band. BBC and EBU awards made them well known in the world music stage. The band also was awarded in their hometown Poland. In 2008, the band released two albums. Upmixing is a remix version of Uprooting album.


I like vocals in Hop Sa Sa album, sound in People’s Spring album, and progressive line in Uprooting album. All the albums of the band are highly suggested albums. It is not only folk music, but is also modern music inspired by traditional Polish elements, and local musicians’ intelligence. Warsaw Village Band is an impressive band interact your feelings. Of course, live performance is very good for band makes music with polyphonic musical structure. They joined concerts, festivals, and organizations in innumerable countries.

It is a perfect, funny, polyphonic and high quality band. Do not lose it! You could visit the band’s official website and MySpace profile to listen to preview songs, watch their live performance and look at their pictures.

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