Jan 3, 2012

Chingon: Latin Rock, Robert Rodriguez Soundtracks, and Mexico


Ah! Think about a person, a film director who is also musician. He is a reputed director and his soundtracks are impressive. When I think about a person like that, when I think about soundtracks, I always remember Emir Kusturica, Tony Gatlif and Quentin Tarantino. You could read about my article about Emir Kusturica to discover his musical world. Today, we will add one more person whose soundtracks are made by him, and his musicality is extremely high. I am talking about Robert Rodriguez. Everybody knows some movies like Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Planet Terror, and Sin City. Robert Rodriguez directed all of those movies. We also remember those movies from their tasty soundtracks. Robert Rodriguez is also a guitarist that he makes his soundtracks himself. You should listen to Cherry’s Dance of Death song from his Planet Terror movie. You will fall in love with this song and listen it continuously, if you like rock. He formed a band named in Chingon together with a Latin rock group. We will review Chingon and its album today.


Chingon was a Latin rock group named in Del Castillo before they play together with Robert Rodriguez. Chingon joined some Robert Rodriguez soundtrack projects and made some songs for his movies. They made Siente Mi Amor vocalized by Salma Hayek in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. We also remember Chingon from Malaguena Salerosa song in Kill Bill movie’s second part. The song is a Bolero that performed by many famous singer and groups. You should listen to this version. Maybe it is one of the best.

In 2004, Robert Rodriguez joined the group and the groups name transformed into Chingon from Del Castillo. The band released its debut album in the same year. The album’s name is Mexican Spaghetti Western. Some soundtrack items and new songs were played successfully in this album. Some guest performers also joined the album project. Track list of the album given below:

  • Se Me Paro
  • Malaguena Salerosa is the song known as La Malaguena and performed in Kill Bill soundtrack.
  • Fideo Del Oeste
  • Severina is a very nice ballad co written and sung by Patricia Vonne.
  • Alactran y Pistolero was written and performed by Tito Larriva who is an actor and musician.
  • El Rey De Los Chingones
  • Bajo Sexto is a very good Latin rock song.
  • Cielito Lindo is a Mexican traditional song. Chingon version is perfect too.
  • Mexican Sausage Link
  • Siente Mi Amor is a song performed by famous actress Salma Hayek. This song was played in Once Upon a Time in Mexico movie.
  • Cuka Rocka was also played in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. You could find extended version in the album.

chingon-mexican-spaghetti-western-albumChingon is very successful Latin rock group that deserves your attention. You could listen to some preview songs in their official MySpace profile. You also could get more information about Robert Rodriguez and his works about cinema. Don’t forget to listen Cherry’s Dance of Death. You will love it.



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