Dec 16, 2011

Kiosk: Underground Blues from Iran


kiosk-world-music-groupNowadays, we heard so much news about Iran from television. We know that Iran is an Islamic country that Islamic regime’s chronic surveillance and strict censorship understanding prohibit people terribly. Although Iran people live in these conditions, they are willing to have a life standard as western people. I have been to Iran and see that public understanding is not very bad as we know. Because of government’s harsh control mechanism, they do everything such as music, parties, drinking, and so on in underground.

Anyway, we are not interested in governments’ policy. Our passion is music. Today we will talk about Iran Underground music and Kiosk which is one of the most important bands in Persian underground music. The band was founded in 2003 by Arash Sohbani who is guitar player and singer in the band in Iran, Tehran. He and his friend set up their studios in underground basement because of Iran governments’ restriction policies. Kiosk’s lyrics are humorous but political. Every part of their music makes a criticism about government and its policies. Finally Arash Sohbani moved to the United States in 2005 to able to make his own world’s music without any restriction. They stayed underground until they decide to move overseas.

Eventually, they are in the United States. Some members of the band live in the United States; some of them live in Canada. They released their first album Ordinary Man (Adam e Mamooli) in 2005. We can say it is a Persian blues with political, social, and humorous lyrics. Aadame Mamooli (Ordinary Man), Ghaanoune Kham Shodeye Blues (Bent Rules Blues), and Taraane (Song) must be listened in this album.

kiosk-ordinary-man-iranian-blues-albumIn 2007 they released Eshghe Sorat (Amor de la Velocidad). We can find some rock elements with blues in this album. So, we can say it is an underground blues rock band. Afsoos (Regret), To Kojayee (Where Are You), Amoo Asadollah (Uncle Asadollah), and Eshgh e Sorat (Love of Speed) are highly recommended songs. Both of those albums contain slow songs. But they are fluent and listenable songs.

The band had a tour and they had some concerts in some countries like Australia and Germany. They also joined some music festivals. One of the most important one is Tribute to Bob Dylan Concert in Los Angeles. Their music is a bit inspired by Bob Dylan I think. Some riffs and guitar sound make me feel like that.

kiosk-global-zoo-iranian-blues-albumIn 2008, they released Global Zoo album that is my favorite album of the band. There are some guest performers in the album. The most important one is Mohsen Namjoo. He was described as Iran’s Bob Dylan by New York Times. His music is recommended too. His voice and his music’s sound are very good. Livanha, Botriha, Galonha (Glasses, Bottles and Gallons) song resembles a tango that I enjoyed it. Gerogangiri Dar Bagh e Vahsh (Hostage Crisis in the Zoo) and Agha! Nigah Dar (Hold On, Sir) songs are fascinating songs as well. And, Yarom Bia (Come my love). It is a Tajik singer’s song originally. Kiosk and Mohsen Namjoo had rearranged this song and made it better than original one. It is extremely suggested. You should listen it.

The band released 2 more albums in 2010 and 2011. They are Triple Distilled-Live At Yoshi's (Se Taghtireh) and Natijeh e Mozakerat (Outcome of Negotiations). Their sound and style are similar with the other albums. Don’t forget that many of lyrics are political but humorous.

Visit Kiosk’s website. You will find some videos, preview songs, lyrics in English, chords and more information about the band. I believe that you will like Kiosk. Don’t forget to buy their albums to support the band.

Bye for now.


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