Dec 14, 2011

Pentagram: Progression of Turkish Heavy Metal


pentagram-turkish-heavy-metal-groupToday, I would like to introduce a heavy metal group from Turkey. Actually I do not want to introduce any Heavy Metal groups, because, you could find so many sources to find information about Heavy Metal bands. Moreover, I would like to introduce Pentagram. This group is a milestone of Turkish Metal. Pentagram’s music is very original, high quality and multicultural. Do not think that it is a satanic metal group considering group’s name. There aren’t any satanic elements in their music and lyrics. There is a Black Metal group named in Pentagram in another country. Pentagram is known as Mezarkabul in Europe. Mezarkabul is a Turkish word but, there is not any English meaning or description. It is a kind of ritual.

This video has been created with Creative Commons License. Pentagram sings a Turkish song. (Live)

In 80’s, there were some new Turkish Heavy Metal bands, but their musicality was very poor and primitive. Although there were some famous Rock singers in Turkey, Turkish listener meets Heavy Metal in early 90’s. in 1993, Metallica came to Istanbul first time. I can say that it was a dream. We were hungry for heavy metal, and Metallica made us honored. So many groups in Turkey followed some trash and speed metal groups like Metallica and Megadeth.

In 1990, Pentagram released first album named in Pentagram. It is a speed / trash album. Sound is very primitive but, it is very good album. If you compare with the last albums, you could see Turkish Heavy Metal’s progress. I do not suggest this album to listen, because, it is an ordinary small band album. You could not get any idea about Pentagram.

pentagram-anatolia-albumThe group released new album in 1993. The album’s name is Trail Blazer. I can say, it’s the first milestone of Turkish Heavy Metal. Although, album’s sound, riffs, musicality is a bit poor, it was a milestone. There weren’t any band made the music in this way. When I listen this album, I see that sound is primitive. But, in those years, it was an unbelievable album. At least you should listen, Secret Missile, Fly Forever, Living on Lies and Vita Es Morte songs from video sharing websites. East melodies and heavy metal was blended in this album. It was primitive, but it was a good signal for future creation.

About five years, the group did not make any album or demo. But they were known as the best Turkish metal band. Finally their album released in 1997. Anatolia is the new album’s name. This album is the other milestone of Turkish Metal music. Sound, vocals, and musicality were not primitive and poor anymore. Pentagram gave us a professional heavy metal album. Anatolia album is highly recommended. East melodies and folk were put into the music successfully, and we listened east and west at the same time. They also made some Turkish songs although they make lyrics in English. 1000 in the Eastland, Dark is the Sunlight, and Anatolia are the masterpieces of the album. Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayım is a Turkish folk song, but it was combined with Heavy Metal successfully. Time is an instrumental song. I can say it is the best music in this album. You will listen east in west forms. You will never feel regret if you listen this album.

pentagram mezarkabul unspokenIn 2001 they made a double album. Albums name are Unspoken and Bir. Unspoken released was released world wide in 2001, Bir was released in Turkey. Those albums sound is impressive. Pentagram’s music and sound are very professional. First time I listened those albums, I supposed that I listened albums from the United Stated or England. Bir consists of Turkish songs, Unspoken consists of English songs. And they have two common instrumental songs named in Mezarkabul and For Those Who Died Alone. You will see that Anatolian and Turkish elements were integrated into the music perfectly.

Bir, Seytan Bunun Neresinde, Kam, and Tigris songs are extremely suggested songs form Bir album. Bir means one in Turkish. In Esir Like an Eagle, Lions in a Cage, Unspoken, and We Come from Nowhere songs are suggested from Unspoken album.

After 2002, they did not make album. They released some live records and DVD’s. But, they are working on their new album. It will be released soon. You could listen their new song on group’s website given below. Please, listen their songs and see Turkish Heavy Metal’s progress. If you like them, buy their album to support.

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