Dec 27, 2011

Mad Manoush: Gypsy Jazz with Rock and Pop


Think about a band that its member consists of jazz performers and they perform gypsy jazz oriented pop and rock. From the beginning of millennium to today gypsy music is very fashionable and so many performers and groups released millions of albums. Some of them perform pure gypsy music like Fanfare Ciocarlia, and Taraf de Haidouks, some of them perform gypsy music by fusing with the other music styles. Today, we get to know one of the most interesting one Mad Manoush created by Egon Egemann who is a jazz violinist. Mad Manoush style is very interesting that they perform gypsy jazz fused with pop and rock elements. I have sent a post about similar group Erika and Emigrante, you could read it if you like this music style. Those groups made gypsy music as world music.


Mad Manoush founded by Egon Egemann who is a gypsy origin jazz violinist. We know him from 1990 Eurovision Song Contest. He represented Switzerland with the song Musik Klingt In Die Welt Hinaus. Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt influence his music. He met with Robin Nolan who is one of the symbols of gypsy jazz in Django memorial. It changes Egon Egemann’s idea about music to make music fusing with gypsy jazz and the other modern world music elements like rock and pop. Robin Nolan involved in this project and they released Mad Manoush’s first album.

mad-manoush-gadjo-albumThe group’s first album is Gadjo (means foreigner in gypsy language) made in 2006. We could listen to Robin Nolan’s guitar in the song named in Django. Gadjo is a good debut album to expect their musicality in the future. The album consists of some funny songs; you could also find some romantic songs. In the debut album, gypsy jazz combined with some modern styles like pop, hip-hop, reggae and rock. Rock influence is a bit less in this album. On the Road Again, Tango, Cry of the Gypsy and Django with Robin Nolan are favorite songs in the album.

mad-manoush-gypsy-revolution-albumThe group involved in so many world music festivals in Europe. In 2009, Mad Manoush released Gypsy R-Evolution album. In my humble opinion it is the best album of the band and I expect new albums from them. Although we could see influence of reggae, pop, hip-hop and gypsy jazz in the album, rock’s influence is very high. Guitar put in the front and it made their music better and better. Their music is growing continuously with gypsy jazz and the other modern world music elements.

The album placed in top ten lists of European world music charts with the song Not Wearing Dimonds. It is extremely suggested album that you could have fun with this combined music. Banana Republic that they describe themselves they come from there, The Gypsy R-Evolution, Don’t Let me Down, Back Home, Some Kind of a Gypsy, Start it up, and Odessa songs should be listened. Don’t hesitate to buy this album, it will make you feel good. Believe me!

Mad Manoush is one of the best group in this combined gypsy music. Gypsy R-Evolution album deserves your attention. If you have never met gypsy music oriented music styles, do not lose the album. Please visit the band’s official website and official profile on MySpace for evaluating their music. You could find some sample songs and videos.

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