Jan 9, 2012

Imelda May: Irish Rockabilly from Talented Female Vocal


imelda-may-irish-rockabilly-blues-singerImelda May! She is a singer from Ireland, Dublin. If you have never heard about her, don’t lose this article to discover an awarded female vocal who sings with many famous performers. Imelda May is a singer, songwriter and composer her music’s sound is Rockabilly and Blues. We get use to hear Rockabilly sound from the United States. You could think it is an ordinary blues singer. Because there are many unimaginative blues singers only sing their songs. Imelda May’s voice and significant lyrics make her music original and fashionable. I could say that she is one of the best female vocals in her style. Her voice is really unique that make you feel listening real music. She also plays guitar, bodhran and tambourine.

This video has been taken from Imelda May’s official website. Please visit singer’s website to see more videos about Imelda May. www.imeldamay.co.uk

Imelda May’s career in music began when she was very young. She performed with many local artist and groups until she formed her own group in 2002. Her first album No Turning Back was released under her maiden name Imelda Clabby in 2003. She got married with her guitarist and the album reissued under Imelda May name again. Her second album Love Tattoo released in 2008. It is more professional and well arranged album that it makes Imelda May well known and awarded singer. She was awarded as female artist of the year by Meteor Awards in 2009. Meteor Awards is Ireland’s national music awards. Finally, her Mayhem album was released in 2010. She also won best Breakthrough Act at the Classic Rock Awards in the same year.


During this period Imelda May share the stage with countless famous singers and groups like Wanda Jackson, Brian Setzer, Alison Moyet, The Dubliners, Lou Reed, Bono Vox,  David Gilmour, Jools Holland, Jeff Beck, and Meat Loaf. It is very short list that you could find more, if you read her biography in her website. She is really a vocal talent and music world gives her what she deserves. I still cannot forget her performance with Jeff Beck in 52nd Grammy Awards. It is really unbelievable performance with Jeff Beck’s perfect guitar sound.

Let me give you some suggestions from her albums. She has three enjoyable albums that songs are very tasty.

imelda-may-awarded-singer-from-irelandNo Turning Back (2003) is the debut album that recorded two times. It is a successful debut album that contains more Rockabilly and Rock and Roll elements. Dealing with the Devil, Bring My Cadillac Back and No Turning Back songs are my favorite songs in the album. Although sound is a bit poor, it is an appreciated album that better than many albums released in America.

Love Tattoo (2008) is a well arranged album that it reached number one in Ireland. Johnny Got a Boom Boom, Love Tattoo, It is Your Voodoo Working and Falling in Love with You Again are my favorites in the album.

Mayhem (2010) is the last album. It is a technically perfect album that we want more albums from her. Although Psycho and Mayhem are special songs for me, all the songs in the album are highly suggested songs. It is perfect. Do not lose it!

Big Bad Handsome Man is the best song of Imelda May in my humble opinion. I keep it separately from the others. You should hear her performance with Jeff Beck as well. Her live performance is very good.

imelda-may-love-tattoo-album imelda-may-mayhem-album

Imelda May is an Irish singer that her songs attract your feelings. If you have never heard her songs, buy her albums. You could find her official website for further information, her live videos and song previews. I also added her official MySpace profile that you find preview songs.

http://www.imeldamay.co.uk (Images taken from her official website in this article.)


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