Jan 12, 2012

Best Rock Musicals: Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar


Musicals are my passion. When I hear a musical, I think that I am involved in the story. Many of us joined or watched high school musicals and almost all of us know Grease to Musical. They really have a magical atmosphere. Today, we get to know more about some of famous rock musicals like Hair musical. Although they are very famous, they are good beginnings for musicals’ fascinations. A Broadway musical could attract your feelings. There is not only music in a musical, you could also find lyrics make you think. Especially, rock musicals give you perfect music and idea about topical subjects. Maybe, they could change your value judgment about religion, love, war and politics. I would like to give short explanations about Jesus Christ Super Star and Hair the Musical in this article. In my later posts, I will write about some rock operas and rock musicals like Tommy, War of the Worlds, Grease the Musical and so on.

Jesus Christ Superstar

jesus-christ-superstar-musicalIt is a masterpiece from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It is a perfect musical; it is an excellent rock opera. The subject is a sensitive issue that it judges religion and Jesus. It is not a religious or politics work. It only shows Jesus’ humanistic features from Judas’ eye. The musical also shows he avoids responsibility, gets angry to god, has a suspicion in his head, and gets tired of his mission as an ordinary people like us. He lives in modern times and he is an object of popular culture as God’s superstar. Finally, his community puts away him.

Jesus Christ Superstar was produced as an album before it was shown on Broadway. It is an extremely suggested album that it contains more rock elements. Ian Gillian from Deep Purple sings Jesus, Murray Head sings Judas. Especially, Ian Gillian’s performance is perfect in the album. Do not lose it. The musical was shown as a Broadway musicals, movie and rock shows many times. I also suggest you to watch the movie made in 1973. There are many versions of the musical in many languages from Swedish to Japanese. Heaven on Their Mind, Hosanna, Gethsemane (I only Want to Say), and Superstar songs should be listened.

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Hair the Musical

It is a story from 60’s hippies and sexual revolution era. Hair the Musical is the anthem of anti-Vietnam War movement. Hair the Musical’s philosophy is against to impositions, prejudices, fixed ideas and war. It will bring you 60’s flower power movement and hippies’ world against to militarism and Vietnam War. James Rado and Gerome Ragni wrote lyrics and Galt Mac Dermot made music of Hair.


hair-the-musical-albumHair the musical is one of the most well known musical in the world that it was shown in Broadway and London for many times. After Hair’s debut in 1967, it became very famous musical of the world. It was translated to many languages, and it was shown in many countries. Reputed film director Milos Forman made the musical’s movie version. Both Broadway musical soundtrack and Milos Forman’s movie soundtracks should be listened. He transforms musicals to a movie successfully. Donna, Hare Krishna and Let the Sunshine In songs are my favorite. I suggest Hair the Musical for good music and understanding 60’s hippie antimilitarist movement.

Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar will give you good music with philosophy. If you have never heard those musicals, it is not too late to catch it. Both movies and original cast albums are suggested extremely. There are also many records in different language. For example, you could see Agnetha Foltskog from ABBA in Jesus Christ Superstar Swedish edition.

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