Jan 13, 2012

Tamikrest: Rock Influenced Berber Music from Mali


tamikrest-berber-rock-music-bandAre you ready to hear Rock music influenced Tuareg Berber music from Africa? We only know Berber people from their famous Berber Carpet. Today we will know more about rock based Berber music or Tuareg music. Tamikrest is a rock group from Mali. They are musicians who choose guitar and music instead of guns. Mali civil war shaped their personality and musical understanding. They met some groups like Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, and Bob Marley via internet. Finally, they decided to make rock music influenced Berber music to introduce their roots to the other cultures. Actually, it is a good way to fuse different kinds of music. It makes listenable and lovable music to share cultural elements. Tinariwen also affects their sound. It is more professional blues band from Mali. Add Tinariwen to your list, as well.

Tamikrest consists of six members. The band has two female vocals. Their music is not noisy rock. It is easy listening and it contains some blues elements. You also could hear some of traditional Berber instruments. Tamikrest’s sound is neither noisy as ordinary rock groups’ sound nor boring as some ethnic music performers. Traditional elements fused with modern elements very well. Some of their songs also contain psychedelic elements. If you like to hear ethno music combined with modern elements, Tamikrest will take you a trip to Berber world. The lyrics deal with their ethnic roots and love. I wish the lyrics were in English that we could understand. They should release albums in English to introduce Berber culture to the world.


Tamikrest have two studio albums. Adagh is their debut album released in 2010. The album gets you acquainted with Berber music, if you do not have any idea about it. Agagh contains more psychedelic and traditional elements, if we compare with the second album. Aicha is my favorite song in the album. Aratane N'adagh, Adagh, Adounia Mahegagh, and Outamachek songs are also listenable and lovable songs in the album. Adagh album is extremely suggested album that it will bring you Timbuktu.

Toumastin is Tamikrest’s second album made in 2011. The sound in the album got mature in comparison to the first album. They are getting more professional. I believe that sound will be better in their next albums. You could also hear psychedelic elements in the album. My favorite song in Toumastin album is Dihad Tedoun Itran. Shut your eyes and listen to magical song. Fassous Tarahnet, Aratan N Tinariwen, Aidjan Adaky the psychedelic song, and Tarhamanine Assinegh are also my favorite songs. Do not lose the album. It will be your second trip to Timbuktu.

tamikrest-adagh-album tamikrest-toumastin-berber-music-album

You could visit Tamikrest’s official website to listen to their songs. You also could buy their album from the website. It is high quality band from Mali that they need your attention and support. Do not lose the rock influenced Berber music; do not lose their psychedelic sound from heart of Sahara Desert.


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