Jan 28, 2012

Figli Di Madre Ignota: Balkan Music Meets Funny Italian Ska


figli-di-madre-ignota-spaghetti-balkan-musicToday, I would like to write about funny bands. I checked my list and I saw one of my favorites Figli Di Madre Ignota. It is a band from Milano, Italy. Their sound is interesting that it is mixture of Balkan and klezmer rhythms with rock and ska. If you like Eastern Europe rhythms and Balkan music with funny guitar sound, Figli Di Madre Ignota will be an exciting band for you. They describe their music as Spaghetti Balkan. They really have a unique sound that elements of Balkan music, klezmer, polka and the other eastern and middle Europe fused with modern elements successfully. I could say that they reflect Italian energy to their music. You could hear hot guitar riffs and Balkan brass rhythms with funny vocals. Click here to listen some of their songs.

This video has been added upon permission of the band. visit figlidimadreignota.it for more items.

Figli Di Madre Ignota’s original lineup is Donato Brienza (guitar), Massimo Predda (trombone), Fabio Cardullo (saxophone), Stefano Iascone (trumpet), Massimo Marini (vocal), Marco Pampa Pampaluna (guitar), Andrea Castelli (bass), and Cristiano Novello (drum). The eight funny men perform crazy music with some guest performers. Combining elements of ska, punk, rock, swing, gypsy jazz, and Balkan brass music, make them cut across styles, genres, decades and continents. Their live performance is also perfect that I saw them in Istanbul in 2008. Actually, it was a wrong place to play, although their performance was perfect. I believe that we could have great time with them and their crazy music, if they choose a better place.

Figli Di Madre Ignota has four studio albums. They also appeared in some compilation albums like Balkan Fever and Balkan Beats. Let us see their discography and see my suggestions.

  • Kanakapila (2001) is a funny album that you could find songs mixture of Balkan music and ska. Some Italian ballads will fascinate you. You will enjoy hearing the unique sound. Il Gitano Elettrico, Baci Da Taormina, L'ultima Notte A Brooklyn, Kanakapila and Rumba Del Capitano are my favorites.
  • Tamboo Tamboo (2004) is a perfect album that we could see improvement in their sound. Polka Della Polizia, CafĂ© Turco, Ohi Marie, Tamboo, and Caccia Alle Streghe are my favorites in the album. It is highly suggested album.
  • Fez Club (2007) is my favorite album of Figli Di Madre Ignota. Sound and combination with the other styles were arranged perfectly. They also added Balkan brass rhythms to their funny music. Fanfara Mocvara is my favorite song in the album. I believe that you will be willing to dance after listening it. Ole Ole, Fantapolitika, Dady Lolo, Nema Problema Tourist and Falafel Express are my favorite songs in the album. I suggest this album extremely. Do not lose it!
  • Combat Disco Casbah (2010) is a special album that it includes some musicians like Tod Ashley, Uri Brauner from Boom Pam, and Tamir Muskat. Some musicians from Middle East also attended the album as guest performers. Senor Columbo, Combat Disco Casbah, Exxxotica, (Tromba Ignota Vs.) Bruce Lee, Drop the Rock and Spider Rumbita are my favorites. I suggest the album extremely.


Figli Di Madre Ignota is a unique and funny band to satisfy your expectation from a band performs mixture of Balkan music and rock elements. I suggest the band extremely to have a great time with their amazing music and hot rhythms. You could buy their albums from their official website.


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