Jan 2, 2012

Makis Ablianitis: Greek Jazz and New Age Composer


New years’ first article is written for a nice Jazz man and world music expert Makis Ablianitis from Greece. He makes the Greek music excellent with Indian and Far East melodies. If I say New Age, everybody says Vangelis from Greece. However, there are so many listenable musicians in our neighbor Greece. One of them is Makis Ablianitis. He is a jazz guitarist who met with guitar when he was young, and educated in the United States. He had some jazz projects, but his New Age and world music identity is known better than his jazz identity. Although he has a solo career, he also worked with famous ethnic music artists like Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Michalis Nikoloudis.


He formed his own jazz band in 1995. Between 1995 and 1998, he also joined some ethnic music projects as a member with names I told above paragraph. His debut album Flame Keeper was released in 1996. It is a typical jazz album that you could hear his ability on guitar. The real Makis Ablianitis music has started in 2000 with the album named in Bahar. He worked with famous Indian flute player Hariprasad Chaurasia and Manolis Lidakis who is well-known and reputed singer in Greece. The album combined Greek Music with Indian and Far East music. Dragan Dautovski who is a kaval and gajda virtuoso from Macedonia (FYROM) and some oud and kanun players also joined the project. It is a very good multi instrument project. Love Secret, Eternal Song and Bahar are my favorite song in this album. It is an highly recommended album that makes you feel very good with his multicultural music.

makis-ablianitis-bahar-live-under-the-sky-albumMakis Ablianitis also formed a collateral trio band with two Greek jazz/blues people. The collateral band name is Hot Organic Trio and the band played cover songs with only guitar, Hammond organ and drum. He toured Greece, Macedonia and Turkey. He recorded songs from Bahar album and made some new songs for his album Bahar Live Under the Sky. He worked with famous musicians and performers in this album. Normally, live albums are not good albums to get to know a musician, but this album erases all cliché understanding about music. It is very good album to know his musical background. This album is extremely suggested album that you will fall in love with Love Secret song. All songs are very successful and fascinating but Love Secret is really a special song. Buy the album and listen it! The song will impress you.

makis-ablianitis-bahar-albumIn 2008, he released his new album Kismet. Makis Ablianitis also worked with reputed musicians and composers from Greece and closer countries including Dragan Dautovski from Macedonia. His band Dragan Dautovski Quartet is also very nice band to listen. Please, check from Google. His music gets mature day by day. This album is also extremely suggested album that Baba trilogy will make you feel good. Kismet is also very nice song.

You could visit his official website to listen some preview songs. Makis Ablianitis is an impressive musician that he deserves your attention. Buy his albums for having high quality New Age music.


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