Jan 24, 2012

Beirut: Balkan Music Influenced Indie Rock


beirut-balkan-music-indie-rockToday I would like to write something about a young musician’s band Beirut. Beirut is an American group formed by Zach Condon. He is very young and successful musician. He is only 25 and he created appreciated works. He used to play trumpet in a jazz band before he formed Beirut. His music combines world music and indie rock elements successfully. He met Balkan Music during his trip to Europe. Some musicians like Goran Bregovic and Boban Markovic affected him. He was also interested in local music and musicians. His subsequent explorations shaped his musical structure and development. I could say that Zach Condon and his band Beirut is one of the most important musicians in world music with the great fusion of Balkan Music and indie rock. Their music does not only contain funny Balkan Music songs. Some of their songs will take you to another world.

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Beirut’s instrumental variety is impressive that they use modern and local instruments together. They use trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele, accordion, cello, melodica, percussion, glockenspiel, French horn, trombone, tuba, and many instruments with modern music instruments. Instrumental variety is one of the most important items their musical diversity. Zach Condon plays trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele, euphonium, mandolin, accordion, and various keyboard instruments. After Zach came back from Europe, he studied in the university. During this period, Zach formed Beirut with his friends. He also recruited some of his friends to play in live shows. Although some of members left the band, new members did not change the band’s musicality negatively. They improve their sound continuously. Zach also have some side projects that he performs different genres like electronic.

Beirut has some albums and EP’s. Some of his EP’s are in album size. Let us see Beirut discography and some of my suggestions.

Studio Albums

  • Gulag Orkestar (2006) is a successful debut album. Balkan Music elements combined with modern elements perfectly. I suggest this album extremely. The Gulag Orkestar, Brandenburg, Postcards from Italy and The Canals of Our City are my favorites. Balkan Music elements in sentimental way will fascinate you.
  • The Flying Club Cup (2007) contains more Balkan brass band and indie rock elements. It is also my favorite album. Nantes, A Sunday Smile, In the Mausoleum, and St. Apollonia are my favorites. Do not lose the album.
  • The Rip Tide (2011) is the last album of Beirut. It contains less Balkan Music elements, more indie rock. I also suggest the album highly. The Rip Tide, Vagabond, and Payne’s Bay are my favorites.

beirut-gulag-orkestar-album beirut-the-flying-club-cup-album beirut-march-of-the-zapotec-holland-ep


  • The Guns of Brixton / Interior of a Dutch House (2006) is an EP made with Calexico.
  • Lon Gisland (2007)
  • Pompeii EP (2007)
  • Elephant Gun EP (2007)
  • March of the Zapotec/Holland EP (2009) contains 11 songs like an album. It is influenced by Zach’s Mexico trip. Holland section of the EP contains electronic elements. I suggest it highly.

Beirut has two DVD’s. Cheap Magic Inside released in 2007, and Beirut: Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg released in 2009. I suggest the first one highly.

Beirut is a successful band that I suggest it extremely. Their songs will take you to another world. Please visit their website to listen to Beirut songs’ preview and buy their albums. Do not lose the magical albums and EP’s.


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