Jan 10, 2012

Klazz Brothers: Classical Music Meets Cuban Music and Latin Jazz


klazz-brothers-german-jazz-groupDo you like combinations of jazz? Do you like Latin jazz and classical music? Today we will know more about a jazz band fuses jazz with many styles like Latin Jazz, Cuban Jazz, Classical Music and Opera. If you have never heard about Klazz Brothers, read this article carefully. Jazz lovers, classical music lovers and Latin and Cuban Jazz lovers will appreciate Klazz Brothers’ Latinized and Cubanized based jazz performance. Their musical curiosity and willingness make their music in experimental line. We could observe development of their music year by year. It is not a static minded jazz band. Germany based jazz band Klazz Brothers has been founded in 1999 to combine Jazz and Classical Music. An inspiration of two different world’s music arises in their music. Experimental willingness makes Klazz Brothers one of the few excellent jazz groups.

Klazz Brothers formed in Tobias Forster (piano), Killian Forster (bass), and Tim Hahn (drums). The band is an awarded jazz trio that they won Echo Klassik award in 2003 and 2006, the Jazz Award in 2003, 2005 and 2007. The band also was nominated for Grammy 2006. Klazz Brothers were playing classic music and jazz combinations as a trio. Finally, their inspirations from Latin and Cuban music affect their curiosity and willingness to make music in experimental way by using Latin, Cuban and Classical Music Elements. They met two Cuban percussionists Alexis Herrera Estevez and Elio Rodriguez Luis and they trio became a quintet. The quintet Klazz Brothers and Cuban Percussion is a project band plays music by combining Classical Music, Opera, Latin Music and Cuban elements. They have many albums in this inspiration.


Klazz Brothers also has different projects with vocalist Edson Cordeiro and pianist David Gazarov. David Gazarov also involved in the project Klazz Brothers and Cuban Percussion albums. They have separated album with him for Chopin compositions. Edson Cordeiro is an interesting vocalist that album made with him is very good fusion with jazz and vocal. They also have another project to make some old disco songs like YMCA, and Dancing Queen in jazz format with powerful vocal. Those unique elements and contribution of the other artists make their musical diversity is very high. Let us see some of their albums and some suggestions.

Classic Meets Cuba is an album that famous classical music melodies combined with Latin Jazz and Cuban elements. It is a perfect album that spontaneous improvisations make a person fascinate. You could find melodies from Mozart, Schubert, Bach, Brahms, and Beethoven. It is extremely suggested album combined two different worlds in a unique music. It is very interesting to hear famous classic melodies in Latin Jazz form.

Jazz Meets Cuba is an album that classic jazz songs performed with hot Latin rhythms and Cuban folk songs performed in jazz style. You could find songs from Miles Davis and many famous jazz performers. Do not lose the album if you like classic jazz.

klazz-brothers-classic-meets-cuba klazz-brothers-symphonic-salsa-album

Symphonic Salsa is album that classical music elements with Latin jazz and hot salsa improvisations combined perfectly. You also could hear some parts of original melodies. Mozart, Bizet, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Strauss, Beethoven, Brahms, and Bach’s melodies fused with salsa and hot Latin rhythms. It is also extremely suggested album.

Mozart Meets Cuba is an awarded album that it was nominated for Grammy award as well. Some melodies from the album used in movies like Collateral and Hitch movies. Famous Mozart symphonies dance with Latin jazz and salsa. Do not lose the album if you like Mozart and jazz. It is a masterpiece.

Opera Meets Cuba is another masterpiece album that famous operas from Wagner, Verdi, and Gershwin combined with Cuban music perfectly. Opera lovers should buy the album to hear hot Cubanized rhythms in opera and classical music.

klazz-brothers-and-cuban-percussion-mozart-meets-cuba cuban-percussion-opera-meets-cuba

Klazz Meet the Voice is an album made together with Edson Cordeiro. His unique vocal, Klazz Brothers’ virtuoso sound, and famous melodies make the album one of my favorites. It is extremely suggested album that jazz lovers should buy the album.

Chopin Lounge is an album made by Klazz Brothers and pianist David Gazarov. You could find Chopin melodies in the album.

Klazz Brother is an excellent jazz ensemble that their musical diversity and unique styles make them one of my favorites. I believe that you will enjoy hearing their music. You could visit Sony Music’s official website for Klazz Brothers and Cuban Percussion to find further information and album previews. You also could visit their official MySpace profile for preview songs. It is a good jazz fusion combines classical music and Latin and Cuban rhythms.



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