Feb 10, 2012

Dezoriental: Orientalism Influenced World Music from France


Dezoriental-world-music-from-franceToday I would like to write a band from France. If you like to hear colorful world music, Dezoriental is a band for you. From the name of the band, you could guess their musical understanding. The multicultural band consists of French and Algerian members that their music root is Algerian music. Do not think that it is an Arabic band. Sometimes, you could hear melodies from Sahara Desert; sometimes, you could hear Arabic influenced Indian rhythms; sometimes, you could dance with hot Balkan music and gypsy music melodies. Is it only traditional music? Absolutely, no! Dezoriental also use Jazz, European music, gypsy music, French ballads, and the other world music elements. It is a good fusion of traditional eastern music and contemporary western music. The colorful band Dezoriental brings you a funny and cheery trip with their hot oriental rhythms and influences.

Dezoriental, World Music from France, Vesoul.

Dezoriental consists of six members from France and Algeria based members. The band’s official line up is Abdel Sefsaf (Vocal Drum), Aloua Idir (Oud, Guitar), Jean-Luc Frappa (Back Vocal, Accordion), Stephane Prost (Back Vocal, Percussion), Frederic Delluci (Tuba), and Laurent Falso (Drum). You could hear both contemporary music instruments and traditional music instruments in Dezoriental’s musicality. You could also hear instruments from different cultures performed by guest artists and performers. I suggest oud’s sound that you could read my article about an oud virtuoso John Berberian. I believe that you will enjoy hearing Dezoriental’s multicultural melodies with colorful eastern rhythms. I also suggest watching their live performance. You will appreciate it.

Dezoriental has two studio albums. Let us see their discography.

  • Dezoriental (2001) is a successful debut album that it contains more Arabic and Algerian elements. I suggest the enjoyable album. My favorite songs are Booster, Desert Blues, No Made in France, Dezoriental Trip and Trans Saharien.
  • Terra Incognita (2003) is the album that contains modern elements. I suggest the colorful album extremely. Vesoul, Aung Sann Suu (Queen), Jazz Hair, Soumelia, Leila, and Terra Incognita are my favorites in the album. Do not lose the rich cultural concept album.


Dezoriental is an exciting and colorful band that I suggest the band extremely. World music needs more groups like Dezoriental. They have never made any album since Terra Incognita album. I hope we could hear their more songs. I could not find their official website. You could check their pages and listen to more preview songs from Last Fm.

Bye for now!

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Feb 9, 2012

El Gueto Con Botas: Spanish Folk with Ska Rhythms


el-gueto-con-botas-spanish-folk-music-ska-bandDo you like bands combine folk music with modern elements? If your answer is yes, El Gueto Con Botas is a band for you. El Gueto Con Botas is a Sevilla, Spain based ska, fusion, folk music band. They combine Spanish and Andalusian folk elements with ska and related genres. I cannot say it is pure ska. It is Spanish folk music with modern rhythms. It was a good coincidence that I discovered the band and the band’s hybrid sound. I have checked their website, but it is only in Spanish. I think the band should announce their music to world music stage. I like their flute oriented sound with a perfect female vocal.

Visit www.elguetoconbotas.com for materials.

El Gueto Con Botas consists of eight talented musicians that official lineup is David Ruiz, Fran del Moral, Antonio Montes, Manuel Jesus Lopez, Lucas Hidalgo, Sergio Mateo, Frankie Corrales, and Isaac Espinaco. The band also has a female vocal but I do not know why it is not placed in the website. They use wide range of instruments that the variety carries their music to the upper level. Flute is the main instrument of the band. Almost all songs contain excellent flute melodies with ska rhythms. There is nothing to say about musical diversity, because the band’s sound is unique. I suggest the band extremely.

El Gueto Con Botas has only one album named in Flor de Frontera. I suggest the album extremely that the unique sound and flute oriented hot ska rhythms make you feel good. Noestare is my favorite song in the album. Hay duendes en el gueto, El amo de las bestias, La guerra no espera, Ahmed Ibn Jig, Para qué quiero yo más vivir, and Leprechaun Jig are the other beautiful songs. If you buy the album, you will never feel regret. You could buy Flor de Frontera album on amazon.com.


El Gueto Con Botas is one of the unique members of Spain’s rich folk culture. If you like folk music with modern elements, if you like hot ska rhythms, if you like flute sound, do not lose the band. You could visit their website to listen to Flor de Frontera album. Although the website is in Spanish, you could access the album to listen. You also could visit the band’s official profile pages on social networks to listen to their songs. I hope you will enjoy hearing the unique sound!


Bye for now!

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Feb 8, 2012

Melo-M: Great Cello Band with Perfect Covers


melo-m-cello-cover-band-from-latviaRecently, I write posts about violin performers. Today, I would like to talk about a cello band. I think I am in stringed instruments mood that I write more posts about this genre and performers. There are many cello bands. Absolutely, Apocalyptica is the most well-known cello band of the world. I heard many cello bands but, many of them have creativity and diversity problem. They make music in ordinary way. I discovered a cello band from Latvia, Riga. The band’s name is Melo-M. The band consists of three classically educated cellists. They rearrange and play well-known and reputed songs in rock music forms. I found them on YouTube first. I though it was an ordinary cello band until I heard their exciting music. It is very good to listen to songs I like in a unique form. The band’s name Melo-M name is derived from melomania. You could buy their album by clicking on the players.

Band members Kārlis Auzāns, Miķelis Dobičins, and Jānis Pauls are classically educated persons that they still continue their studies. Melo-M also shared the stage with Apocalyptica, Maizie Williams (Boney M), Robert Wells and some Latvian performers. I could say their live performance is as good as their performance in studio albums. I really appreciate their live shows. You could listen to such famous songs as: Mission Impossible Theme, Misirlou, The Final Countdown, Those Were the Days, Come Together, I Will Survive, Daddy Cool and more. Hearing rock and pop elements with great cello rhythms and solos is perfect.

Let us see Melo-M discography and my suggestions. You could buy their albums or songs, if you follow links in the player or website of the band.

  • Melo-M (2005) is a successful debut album. Rock on the Ice, Dzimta Valoda, Dzejnieks are my favorites. I could say it is amazing and exciting album. Do not lose it!
  • Singalongs (2007) is a perfect album that you could find many cover versions like Mission Impossible, Daddy Cool (with Maizie Williams), Take on Me, Ghost Busters, I Will Survive and more. I suggest the album extremely. Unique and exciting covers make you feel good.
  • Around the World (2009) is another cover album that you will like. Misirlou, Zorba’s Dance, Hava Nagila, El Condor Pasa and Greensleeves are my favorite covers in the album. I suggest the album extremely.
  • Phantasy of the Opera (2010) is the last album of the band. You could find some parts of famous classical music compositions from reputed composers. Barber of Rossini, Boogie Bumblebee, Diary of Carmen, Verdi (ct), and Gershwintime are my favorites. I also suggest the album extremely.

Melo-M is a cello band that talented musicians rearrange music with their uniqueness. I believe that you will enjoy every seconds of their music. You could visit their official website to watch their live performance videos and more information. You also could buy their songs or albums from their website. Support the young band so that they will make new exciting albums!


Bye for now!

Special Note: Songs have been placed here upon permission of the group. You could buy the album, if you click the player.

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Feb 7, 2012

Babylon Circus: Ska and Reggae Meets French Music


babylon-circus-ska-reggae-gypsy-rock-france-musicToday, I would like to write about a French band Babylon Circus. If you heard never heard them, you will enjoy hearing their funny music. Babylon Circus combines ska and reggae elements successfully. Absolutely, it is not pure reggae or ska. The band combines those elements with rock, swing, jazz, punk, Balkan music, and gypsy music elements. The band was founded as a ska band but, they added new genres and influences in their musicality. Combination of funny music styles and genres make an exciting music. Although lyrics are in French generally, they also have English songs. Sometimes, both two languages are mixed in some of their songs. Their lyrics deal with political issues that they also have anti war themed album. I also suggest the named in Figli Di Madre Ignota, if you like ska influenced music with Balkan elements.

Babylon Circus La Cigarette song. Please visit babyloncircus.com for more materials without copyright.

Babylon Circus consists of eleven members. A crowded lineup created instrumental diversity that some of members of the band are multi instrumentalist musicians. They generally use guitar, tambourine, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, flute, bass, trumpet, flugelhorn, timpani, trombone, tuba, barrel organ, and drums. I think it is enough to create funny music influenced by many genres. I have watched their live performance on the internet. I could say they know how to have fun, and let you have more fun. A jubilant effusion creates funny and exciting music. If you like dancing, do not lose the band! France, Lyon based band creates music for dancing like a crazy.

Let us see Babylon Circus discography and some of my suggestions.

  • Demo no. 1 (1996)
  • Musika (1997) is an album that it is more reggae and ska influenced album. Let me run and Suffering souls are my favorites in this album.
  • Tout va Bien (1999) is an EP that it shows development of their music. They improved their sound and musicality in this EP. Mister Spidon is my favorite song in the EP.
  • Au Marché Des Illusions (2001) is a professional album that combines ska, reggae, rock, punk, Balkan music, and gypsy music elements successfully. Au Marché Des Illusions, Paul, Ya Ka Fokon, Ah L'humeur De Meche, Don Quichotte is Not Dead, and Lundi 6H are my favorites. I suggest the album highly.
  • Dances of Resistance (2004) is the most political album of the band. Main theme of the album is anti war movement. I suggest the album extremely. Dances of Resistance, J'aurais Bien Voulu, Musical Terrorism Act, Sailor's Wife, Lost in the Jungle, and My Friend are my favorites in this album. I really like this funny album. Do not lose it!
  • La Belle Etoile (2009) is a perfect album that their sound becomes more professional day by day. Marions-Nous Au Soleil, L'envol (Feat. Karina Zeviani), La Cigarette, Nina, Le Fils Caché Du Pape, and Une Minute are my favorites. I believe that you will enjoy hearing the album. I suggest it extremely. You will never feel regret to buy it!

babylon-circus-dances-of-resistance-album babylon-circus-au-marche-des-illusions-album

Babylon Circus is a funny and exciting band that rock, punk, Balkan music, and gypsy music influenced ska and reggae will make you have fun extremely. I suggest the band extremely. I only want to say that they must re-design their website. The exciting band deserves a professional website! You also could visit their official profile to listen to more songs and watch some of their video clips. I believe that you will appreciate the successful band. I hope I could see them in Istanbul.



Bye for now!

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Feb 3, 2012

Michal Jelonek: Violin Oriented Rock Music from Poland


michal-jelonek-rock-and-violin-music-from-polandI really like classical music oriented rock music. Yesterday I wrote about Anna Phoebe who performs rock with her violin. Today, I would like to write about the other violin hero Jelonek. Michal Jelonek is a Polish musician and composer who perform rock music with classical music elements. If you like Anna Phoebe, you will like him too. It is really nice to hear classical melodies with heavy guitar riffs. Anna combines rock music with eastern melodies; he combines rock music with classical music. Both musicians are my favorites in this genre that I suggest them extremely. Michal Jelonek is a reputed musician and composer in Poland that he has been featured on over 30 albums from Polish musicians and groups. His contribution of those albums ranging from rock to classical music, folk, pop, heavy metal and world music.

This video has been placed here upon permission of Michal Jelonek. Visit his website for more materials.

Michal Jelonek worked with many musicians in various genres that he played over 1600 concerts in many countries like Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Russia, and some Middle and Eastern Europe countries. He also makes music for advertisements and movies. He released two albums in 2007 and 2001. I really appreciate the progressive line in his music that progressive elements make his music unique and original. He plays with nine musicians in his albums that instrumental variety is very good. He also has a metal band named in Hunter.

Let us see Michal Jelonek’s discography and some of my suggestions. If you check his website, you could see his collaborations with the other musicians. I will only write about his solo albums.

  • Jelonek (2007) is the self titled debut album that it is baroque influenced album. This album is my favorite that guitar sound was adjusted very well. BaRock, B-East, Vendome 1212, A Funeral of a Provincial Vampire, War In The Kids Room, Mosquito Flight, and Pizzicato-Asceticism are my favorite songs. I could say the album is a masterpiece. You will enjoy hearing every song in the album. Do not hesitate to buy this album, if you want to hear baroque melodies with hot guitar riffs. You also could hear some melodies from Vivaldi!
  • Revenge (2011) is the last album of Michal Jelonek. Although this album contains more heavy metal elements, he still keeps progressive line. Cockroaches Empire, Owl's Pathetic Song, Romantic Revenge, Sabre Dance, Schizo Ferret, Cementary Woodpeacker Promised Kadish, and Lord Mantis Dilemma. I also suggest the album extremely.

jelonek-violin-rock-album jelonek-revenge-album

Michal Jelonek is a talented violinist and composer that both Jelonek and Revenge albums satisfy your expectations from violin oriented rock music. If you are a rock fan, if you like violin performers do not lose him. You could visit Michal Jelonek’s website to listen and buy his albums. You also could find video clips and more information about Jelonek and his band Hunter. He also has a live DVD named in Przystanek Woodstock 2010. I also suggest the DVD to watch his perfect live performance.


Bye for now!

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Feb 2, 2012

Anna Phoebe: Rock with Vixen of the Violin


anna-phoebe-rock-with-violinDo you like rock music with violin? If your answer is yes, if you like violin solos with hard guitar riffs, pay attention to Anna Phoebe and her albums. Anna Phoebe is a talented violin performer from the United Kingdom. I heard her performance in Oi Va Voi albums first. I really like her performance and I found her solo career albums that she is an excellent violinist. She hired by many musicians like Ronan Keating, LeAnn Rimes, George Michael, and Robin Gibb. It is only an introduction. After I write her career with the other musicians, you appreciate her and her musical talent. Although she worked with many musicians and groups, her solo career albums contain rock elements. It is really very good to hear hard guitar riffs under Anna Phoebe’s violin solos. Everybody knows Vanessa Mae. I could say Anna is heavy version of Vanessa Mae. She also called as Vixen of the Violin that it is very good description to define her talent. I hope you buy her albums and meet with her symphonic fascination.

This video has been taken from www.annaphoebe.com. It is free to use material.

Anna Phoebe worked with many artist and groups that I wrote she worked with Oi Va Voi. She appeared in Travelling the Face of the Globe and Oi Va Voi albums. She was also invited to play in a symphonic rock band Trans Siberian Orchestra. She appeared in two albums of the band. I also suggest Trans Siberian Orchestra to rock lovers. Anna Phoebe joined Jethro Tull as a guest violinist and she played with them during Jethro Tull world tour in 2007. She also featured with Steven Tyler, Jon Anderson, and Paul Rodgers. She still plays with Jon Lord from Deep Purple. She worked with appreciated rock musicians that I respect her talent.


Anna Phoebe has two studio albums under her name that those albums combine rock with violin and eastern melodies. I suggest both albums extremely. I hope she could find time from working with excellent musicians to make new albums. Let us see her discography and my suggestions.

  • Gypsy (2006) is a successful debut album. The album was made with Angus Clark (Trans Siberian Orchestra). The album combines violin and eastern melodies with rock rhythms. Bombay to Beirut, Gypsy, Goddess, and Phoenix Hotel are my favorite songs. I suggest the album extremely.
  • Rise of the Warrior (2008) is an album that she deserves vixen of the violin nickname. The perfect album contains more rock with epic elements that harmony between riffs and her violin solos is perfect. Rise of the Warrior, Ballingoola, Dawn of the Sphinx, Call to Arms, Army of Souls, and The Journey Home are my favorites. Do not lose the album!

anna-phoebe-rise-of-the-warrior-album anna-phoebe-gypsy-album

Anna Phoebe is a great violinist that her music satisfy your expectations from music combines rock and symphonic elements. You could visit her official website to listen to preview songs and watch her videos. You also could buy her albums from the website. I hope we could see upcoming album announce soon!


Bye for now!

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Jan 31, 2012

Tarantella: Gothic Influenced Folk Music


Tarantella-Kal-Cahoone-and-John-Rumley-gothic-folk-musicTarantella! You think that it is an Italian folk dance or a Chuck Mangione album, right? I would like to introduce a great band from America. I have met with this band several months ago. Hearing talented female vocal, amazing musicality and sound made the band one of my favorites. The music contains American folk, gothic, indie, and rock elements with a perfect sound. We also could hear Latin and Spanish inspired melodies. If you like to find a unique sound and musicality, do not hesitate to buy a Tarantella album. Their melancholic and moody melodies with a dark sound will fascinate you. Watch the video I gave below to discover a great band Tarantella’s gothic influenced folk music.

Tarantella Dame Fuego video has been added upon permission of the band. Buy the album from Amazon.

Kal Cahoone met with multi instrumentalist John Rumley and they decided to start a band together. Tarantella’s original lineup is Kal Cahoone, John Rumley, Chad E. Johnson, Robert Ferbrache, Kelly O’Dea and Daniel Grandbois. Some members are from Slim Cessna's Auto Club that it is also the great American folk band. Tarantella combines American folk, Latin folk, gothic, indie and rock elements with English and Spanish lyrics. You should hear Kal Cahoone’s excellent vocal with the dark and melancholic sound. Instrumental variety is also very good that it is possible to hear banjo, accordion, violin, guitar, Jew’s harp and the other instruments used in folk music.


Tarantella has only one album named in Esqueletos. The album was released in 2005. I do not know why they did not make more albums. I hope we could hear more albums from Tarantella with Kal Cahoone’s fascinating vocal. She also has other projects with different musicians. Gothic atmosphere, moody and melancholic songs, Latin inspirations, good combination with American folk made Tarantella a high quality band. All the songs in Esqueletos album are suggested extremely. They are perfect songs that I especially suggest Dame Fuego, Southern Cross, Chi Sa Dove Sara, and Mexican Wine songs.

tarantella-esqueletos-gothic-folk-indie-albumTarantella is a great band combines folk and gothic elements successfully. Do not lose the album named in Esqueletos. I have checked some music forums that some writers suggest the band to Mazzy Star and Calexico fans. Please visit Tarantella official MySpace to listen some of their songs. I believe that the dark atmosphere will affect your feelings and you will buy the album to support them so that they make new albums.


Bye for now!

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Jan 29, 2012

Two Steps from Hell: Epic Music from Trailers


two-steps-from-hell-epic-music-trailer-catalog-hellDo you like trailers’ music? Sometimes, we see movie or game trailers and hear their magical and epic sound. Last year, I met with Two Steps from Hell on Youtube. After I heard their music first time, I though it was a part from Hans Zimmer soundtracks. If you are a fan of epic music and movie or game trailers, Two Steps from Hell performs music satisfy your expectation from epic music. Actually, it is not a music band. Two Steps from Hell is a music production company founded by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. Los Angeles, California based company produces trailer music for movies, TV series, computer games, and so on. The name of the company resembles a rock or heavy metal band’s name. After you meet their magical music, you will feel the atmosphere from ancient era.

This video has been created with Creative Commons License. Reissue is allowed by the owner.

Their music used in trailers for some movies like Star Trek, Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean, No Country for Old Men, The Fighter, X-Men: First Class, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, X-Men, The Town, Matrix, Inception, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Dark Knight, 2012, Avatar, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. It is a successful list, right? We also heard their music in trailers for some TV shows like Game of Thrones, Frozen Planet, Merlin, Doctor Who, and Blue Mountain State. And, computer games! I am a fan of computer games soundtracks. Hearing their music in some perfect games’ trailers fascinates me. You could hear their music in trailers for Mass Effect 2 and Killzone 3.

The company does not produce albums for public. They only have two public albums under the name Two Steps from Hell. They also released two public albums under Thomas Bergersen’s name. The company has many music catalogs used by film producers. Although they are not public albums, it is easy to find them on the internet. Their public albums are compilations of those catalogs. Their public discography is;

  • Invincible (2010) is the first compilation. You should hear Protector of the Earth, Freedom Fighters, Heart of Courage and 1000 Ships of the Underworld are my favorites. I suggest the album extremely. Do not lose the magical album.
  • llusions (2011) is an album published under Thomas Bergersen’s name.
  • Archangel (2011)
  • Sun (2012) is an album published under Thomas Bergersen’s name.


I suggest all albums of Two Steps from Hell and albums under Thomas Bergersen name. Epic music, choir, and fascinating atmosphere will take you to another world. If you are a fan of epic music, Two Steps from Hell creates music for you.

You could visit their official website to watch trailers they provide music. You also could get more information about their demonstration albums and music catalogs.


Bye for now!

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Jan 28, 2012

Figli Di Madre Ignota: Balkan Music Meets Funny Italian Ska


figli-di-madre-ignota-spaghetti-balkan-musicToday, I would like to write about funny bands. I checked my list and I saw one of my favorites Figli Di Madre Ignota. It is a band from Milano, Italy. Their sound is interesting that it is mixture of Balkan and klezmer rhythms with rock and ska. If you like Eastern Europe rhythms and Balkan music with funny guitar sound, Figli Di Madre Ignota will be an exciting band for you. They describe their music as Spaghetti Balkan. They really have a unique sound that elements of Balkan music, klezmer, polka and the other eastern and middle Europe fused with modern elements successfully. I could say that they reflect Italian energy to their music. You could hear hot guitar riffs and Balkan brass rhythms with funny vocals. Click here to listen some of their songs.

This video has been added upon permission of the band. visit figlidimadreignota.it for more items.

Figli Di Madre Ignota’s original lineup is Donato Brienza (guitar), Massimo Predda (trombone), Fabio Cardullo (saxophone), Stefano Iascone (trumpet), Massimo Marini (vocal), Marco Pampa Pampaluna (guitar), Andrea Castelli (bass), and Cristiano Novello (drum). The eight funny men perform crazy music with some guest performers. Combining elements of ska, punk, rock, swing, gypsy jazz, and Balkan brass music, make them cut across styles, genres, decades and continents. Their live performance is also perfect that I saw them in Istanbul in 2008. Actually, it was a wrong place to play, although their performance was perfect. I believe that we could have great time with them and their crazy music, if they choose a better place.

Figli Di Madre Ignota has four studio albums. They also appeared in some compilation albums like Balkan Fever and Balkan Beats. Let us see their discography and see my suggestions.

  • Kanakapila (2001) is a funny album that you could find songs mixture of Balkan music and ska. Some Italian ballads will fascinate you. You will enjoy hearing the unique sound. Il Gitano Elettrico, Baci Da Taormina, L'ultima Notte A Brooklyn, Kanakapila and Rumba Del Capitano are my favorites.
  • Tamboo Tamboo (2004) is a perfect album that we could see improvement in their sound. Polka Della Polizia, Café Turco, Ohi Marie, Tamboo, and Caccia Alle Streghe are my favorites in the album. It is highly suggested album.
  • Fez Club (2007) is my favorite album of Figli Di Madre Ignota. Sound and combination with the other styles were arranged perfectly. They also added Balkan brass rhythms to their funny music. Fanfara Mocvara is my favorite song in the album. I believe that you will be willing to dance after listening it. Ole Ole, Fantapolitika, Dady Lolo, Nema Problema Tourist and Falafel Express are my favorite songs in the album. I suggest this album extremely. Do not lose it!
  • Combat Disco Casbah (2010) is a special album that it includes some musicians like Tod Ashley, Uri Brauner from Boom Pam, and Tamir Muskat. Some musicians from Middle East also attended the album as guest performers. Senor Columbo, Combat Disco Casbah, Exxxotica, (Tromba Ignota Vs.) Bruce Lee, Drop the Rock and Spider Rumbita are my favorites. I suggest the album extremely.


Figli Di Madre Ignota is a unique and funny band to satisfy your expectation from a band performs mixture of Balkan music and rock elements. I suggest the band extremely to have a great time with their amazing music and hot rhythms. You could buy their albums from their official website.


Bye for now!

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Jan 27, 2012

Animal Confession: Perfect Alternative Rock from Canada


animal-confession-and-andrew-gharib-alternative-rockEveryday, I meet new groups from all over the world. Today, our guest is Animal Confession from Ottawa, Canada. If you like, alternative and hard rock influenced by 90’s sound, the exciting band will fascinate you. They describe themselves that their music combines Deftones’ toughness with Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure’s moodiness. There are many bands describe themselves as this way. Animal Confession is one of the bands deserves this description. I heard many ordinary bands’ music in alternative genres that they ape well-known bands from past and present. The band is not a band performs the same lack of creativity. Animal Confession has a unique sound that they show difference between influence and aping. You could listen to a song from their upcoming album. If you visit their official website, you could find more songs to listen.

Ottawa based group Animal Confession original lineup is Andrew Gharib (vocals, guitar) and Patrick Quesnel (bass). They are very talented musicians that they will carry their sound and music to higher levels. You will enjoy hearing Andrew Gharib’s unique riffs and vocal. Andrew gives credits Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), The Edge (U2), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) for creating their sound. Their music also resembles A Perfect Circle to me. I am happy to discover a group performs their own unique sound with perfect vocals. One of the best elements in their music is using psychedelic elements. I expect to hear many songs include psychedelic riffs and vocals. I believe that the band will be a big band in the future. I hope I can see them in Istanbul.


If you are fan of alternative music, if you try to find new and fresh sound, do not lose Animal Confession. Their 90’s influenced unique sound will fascinate you. Please visit the band’s official website to listen more songs. Do not forget to buy their upcoming album. You will meet with a unique band.


Bye for now!

Special note: The song named in Epidemic has been added upon permission of Animal Confession.

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