Feb 9, 2012

El Gueto Con Botas: Spanish Folk with Ska Rhythms


el-gueto-con-botas-spanish-folk-music-ska-bandDo you like bands combine folk music with modern elements? If your answer is yes, El Gueto Con Botas is a band for you. El Gueto Con Botas is a Sevilla, Spain based ska, fusion, folk music band. They combine Spanish and Andalusian folk elements with ska and related genres. I cannot say it is pure ska. It is Spanish folk music with modern rhythms. It was a good coincidence that I discovered the band and the band’s hybrid sound. I have checked their website, but it is only in Spanish. I think the band should announce their music to world music stage. I like their flute oriented sound with a perfect female vocal.

Visit www.elguetoconbotas.com for materials.

El Gueto Con Botas consists of eight talented musicians that official lineup is David Ruiz, Fran del Moral, Antonio Montes, Manuel Jesus Lopez, Lucas Hidalgo, Sergio Mateo, Frankie Corrales, and Isaac Espinaco. The band also has a female vocal but I do not know why it is not placed in the website. They use wide range of instruments that the variety carries their music to the upper level. Flute is the main instrument of the band. Almost all songs contain excellent flute melodies with ska rhythms. There is nothing to say about musical diversity, because the band’s sound is unique. I suggest the band extremely.

El Gueto Con Botas has only one album named in Flor de Frontera. I suggest the album extremely that the unique sound and flute oriented hot ska rhythms make you feel good. Noestare is my favorite song in the album. Hay duendes en el gueto, El amo de las bestias, La guerra no espera, Ahmed Ibn Jig, Para qué quiero yo más vivir, and Leprechaun Jig are the other beautiful songs. If you buy the album, you will never feel regret. You could buy Flor de Frontera album on amazon.com.


El Gueto Con Botas is one of the unique members of Spain’s rich folk culture. If you like folk music with modern elements, if you like hot ska rhythms, if you like flute sound, do not lose the band. You could visit their website to listen to Flor de Frontera album. Although the website is in Spanish, you could access the album to listen. You also could visit the band’s official profile pages on social networks to listen to their songs. I hope you will enjoy hearing the unique sound!


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