Jan 31, 2012

Tarantella: Gothic Influenced Folk Music


Tarantella-Kal-Cahoone-and-John-Rumley-gothic-folk-musicTarantella! You think that it is an Italian folk dance or a Chuck Mangione album, right? I would like to introduce a great band from America. I have met with this band several months ago. Hearing talented female vocal, amazing musicality and sound made the band one of my favorites. The music contains American folk, gothic, indie, and rock elements with a perfect sound. We also could hear Latin and Spanish inspired melodies. If you like to find a unique sound and musicality, do not hesitate to buy a Tarantella album. Their melancholic and moody melodies with a dark sound will fascinate you. Watch the video I gave below to discover a great band Tarantella’s gothic influenced folk music.

Tarantella Dame Fuego video has been added upon permission of the band. Buy the album from Amazon.

Kal Cahoone met with multi instrumentalist John Rumley and they decided to start a band together. Tarantella’s original lineup is Kal Cahoone, John Rumley, Chad E. Johnson, Robert Ferbrache, Kelly O’Dea and Daniel Grandbois. Some members are from Slim Cessna's Auto Club that it is also the great American folk band. Tarantella combines American folk, Latin folk, gothic, indie and rock elements with English and Spanish lyrics. You should hear Kal Cahoone’s excellent vocal with the dark and melancholic sound. Instrumental variety is also very good that it is possible to hear banjo, accordion, violin, guitar, Jew’s harp and the other instruments used in folk music.


Tarantella has only one album named in Esqueletos. The album was released in 2005. I do not know why they did not make more albums. I hope we could hear more albums from Tarantella with Kal Cahoone’s fascinating vocal. She also has other projects with different musicians. Gothic atmosphere, moody and melancholic songs, Latin inspirations, good combination with American folk made Tarantella a high quality band. All the songs in Esqueletos album are suggested extremely. They are perfect songs that I especially suggest Dame Fuego, Southern Cross, Chi Sa Dove Sara, and Mexican Wine songs.

tarantella-esqueletos-gothic-folk-indie-albumTarantella is a great band combines folk and gothic elements successfully. Do not lose the album named in Esqueletos. I have checked some music forums that some writers suggest the band to Mazzy Star and Calexico fans. Please visit Tarantella official MySpace to listen some of their songs. I believe that the dark atmosphere will affect your feelings and you will buy the album to support them so that they make new albums.


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