Jan 8, 2012

Dengue Fever: Cambodian Music in Rock and Psychedelic Indie


dengue-fever-band-cambodian-rock-musicDengue Fever! It resembles a disease, right? It is also a pop rock band from Los Angeles their music influenced by Cambodian music. The band’s music includes pop, rock, indie and psychedelic elements with a Cambodian vocal. I have discovered Dengue Fever, while I was trying to find some new stuff on the internet. I found an album cover and it made me think that it’s a psychedelic album. While I was listening to the album, I read the band’s story. Dengue Fever’s founder Ethan Holtzman went to Cambodia to find a singer. He met with a Cambodian singer Chhom Nimol. She is already well known karaoke singer in Cambodia. After they met, she decided to move to America to make more money and Dengue Fever has been founded. I like immigrant influenced groups or artists. Their music is really interesting and listenable. In my previous posts, you could find some immigrant based groups like Kiosk from Iran. Please click here to read. You will like it.

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During the Vietnam War, some radio stations were founded to cheer up soldiers. Those radio stations played songs from well known groups like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Local people also listened to those stations and they were affected by music. Local people founded some groups and made music in western style fusing with their local music. I used to live in China and I visited some countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines. I listened to many local groups that their musical ability is very high. If you visit Hong Kong, find Amazonia Rock Bar. A Philippines based rock group plays there. You could understand Far East people musical ability. They are perfect. Anyway, let’s talk more about Dengue Fever.

dengue-fever-venus-on-earth-albumDengue Fever music is really good that it includes indie, rock, pop and psychedelic elements. This variety makes their music different form ordinary indie groups. At least, they have cultural items to add their music. Dengue Fever’s music neither totally ethnic music influenced by Cambodian music nor pure indie music in an ordinary pattern. Listeners feel comfortable, while they are listening to their music. Chhom Nimol’s different voice color, psychedelic elements, other musician’s contribution raises the bar. Songs are in Khmer language until the third album. Before I give suggestions about Dengue Fever albums, I could suggest their self titled debut album Dengue Fever.

The group has some albums given below;

  • Dengue Fever (2003) is the debut album that lyrics are in Khmer (Cambodian) language. Songs are cover versions of 60’s Cambodian rock groups. The debut album is the band’s best album that it’s extremely suggested album. Let the album makes you feel very good and comfortable with Cambodian lyrics. The song named in 22 Hours is the best I think. I’m Sixteen; Hold My Hips are other suggested songs. Actually, all the songs in the album are extremely suggested. Buy it!
  • Escape from Dragon House (2005)
  • Venus On Earth (2008) is the album that I listened first time Dengue Fever. Some of songs are in English. Tiger Phone Card, Sober Driver, and Women in the Shoes are extremely sound. This album is also suggested extremely. The album selected one of the best world music albums by iTunes.
  • Sleepwalking Through the Mekong (2009)
  • Cannibal Courtship (2011)

dengue-fever-band-cambodian-debut-albumDengue Fever is highly listenable group that you could find psychedelic, rock and indie elements. It is also group that you will never feel regret due to buy their albums. Let the band bring you to their world with their different and listenable style Visit Dengue Fever’s official website and official MySpace profile page to listen to preview songs and get more information. Don’t lose this band.



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