Dec 16, 2011

Katuner: Perfect Ethno Jazz from Armenia


Do you like cats? I can hear that you asked yourself what is the connection between music and cats. Today we will know more about Armenian cats Katuner. Katuner means cats in Armenian language. Many of people think Jazz is a boring music. Actually, I think in the same way sometimes. Ethno jazz is a bit different. You could some local instruments formed in Jazz music. Ethno jazz is one of the most famous members of World Music. Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Trilok Gurtu, Ravi Shankar and Ian Garbarek are reputed performers in this kind of music. Modern music forms, local instruments, and successful blending of those items make the music different.
There are so many groups and performers in Ethnic Jazz. We will know some of them which their musicality is very high. Katuner is one of them. Group members consist of Armenian Navy Band members. So, musical infrastructure was affected by Armenian Navy Band. We should talk about Arto Tuncboyaciyan. He is an Armenian musician lives in Turkey. He and his brother worked with some famous Turkish singers. He also supported Armenian music groups or artists who live out of Armenia. He is founder of Armenian Navy Band. Actually it is very ironic that there isn’t any sea and navy in Armenia. You could read my article about Armenian Navy Band, if you click here

Katuner is Arto Tuncboyaciyan supported project founded by Vahagn Hayrapetyan, is one of the most famous and popular jazz musicians performing in Armenia. The group integrates some local instruments like Duduk, Zurna, Blul to modern instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone and percussion. They perform instrumental music the all the musicians in the group are reputed musicians in Armenia, Yerevan.

They have two albums arranged by Arto Tuncboyaciyan named in Norevan. Although the group joined some festivals in different points of the world since 2005, the album was released in 2007. There are seven instrumental songs in the album. Each songs are more beautiful than each other. This album and group is extremely recommended group. Please see the track list of the album.

katuner-norevan-jazz-albumWelcome Back - December 23
New Ballade
After The Phone Call

Welcome Back - December 23 is a typical jazz session without some local instruments. We can say it is a very good introduction. Norevan is also typical Jazz, but long music contains local instruments like Zurna. Zurna is also one the most typical instrument of Turkish music. The song is very fluent and easy listening. My favorite song is Oror in this album. A nice introduction by cello and piano bring me to the another world. In the middle of the song Duduk’s sound makes me feel very good. It is extremely suggested. Listen it one time. It is a satisfaction guaranteed song. The song’s video clip is a very nice animation. Cats are playing instruments in some places and they look very cute. You will enjoy with the music and video clip. You can watch it on any video sharing website.

They also have an album named in Red Sun was released in 2009. The album contains more modern jazz elements although it contains some local elements. It is highly recommended album that Ani song must be listened.
Katuner is really valuable and high quality group that it deserves your attention. Listen them enjoy with Armenian cats. Don’t forget to buy their album to support them.
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